LMC Web Editing Tutorials

Save a version

Every time you publish a page a new version of the page is saved in history. You can also save a version in the middle of editing so that you can experiment and revert if you don't like what you've done.

> Learn how to restore a version


Video Captioning

Instructional designer William Beers created this video for LMC explaining how to upload a transcript to your youtube videos. All videos posted on the LMC website must have a transcript.

> Written PDF of instructions

Document upload

When you make a link to a document or an image and try to publish you may get a broken link notification. To fix this you'll need to navigate out to content > pages and publish your documents individually and then go back and publish the page you are working on. The video above will walk you through the process.

> More videos about links

Styling a button

Defining a button style doesn't always make sense and if done wrong can be hard to read. The video above will walk through how to style a button correctly

> Learn more about styling web pages


Need inspiration?

Not sure what to check your web pages? This checklist will help you to think of what to look for.

> Launch checklist

More to come

More to come

More tutorials will be highlighted here as I make them. If you're stuck I am just an email away. I can help you through zoom or if you need immediate help you can try looking through the Canvas web resources I put together.

Last Updated 4/9/20