Transfer Academy

Second/Third Year Students

Attendance - Citizenship - Academic Success

Students will take responsibility for their own learning and maintain excellent citizenship and attendance in all their classes. They will be an active learner, be prepared for all classes with all assigned work completed, take notes, and be an active participant in all activities. All students will maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA to remain in good standing with the Transfer Academy. 

If students are unable to meet any of the following requirements, please contact Sandra Parsons @ .

Counseling Requirement

Students will meet with the Transfer Academy Counselor (David Reyes) at least 1 time per semester  to update their educational plan and prepare for transferring. They also agree to meet with the Transfer Academy Counselor before making changes to their schedule or dropping any classes.

Transfer Workshop Requirement (Second Year Students)

All students must attend one Transfer Workshop from the list below during the Fall semester of their second year in the Transfer Academy. This is a mandatory requirement. The following workshops are being offered:

View our workshops.

Transfer Academy Courses for Second/Third Year Students

Students must take English and math each semester, until they have completed their transfer-level requirements in these areas. If you have questions regarding the registration process for any of these sections, please contact Sandra Parsons .