Resources at LMC

Puente students should know that there are a huge array of resources at LMC that are specifically designed with your success in mind. The links below are annotated to give you an idea of what these organizations do and why they exist. Remember: if you don't seek answers, they will rarely show up. Be an active survivor in your never-ending quest for excellence! 


'EOPS' stands for Extended Opportunity Programs and Services. EOPS is tightly aligned with the Puente Project because both organizations share a similar vision of social change and transformation. Take full advantage of all the services under EOPS!


Counselors assist our Puente students with planning their classes so that they meet the UC/CSU requirements. It is Puente's mission to get you to the university, and our counselors are especially prepared to help you in any way possible. Two counselors in particular, Marco Godinez and Laura Subia, are very familiar with Puente's goals and have a very special interest in seeing you succeed at LMC. Tell them I sent you!

Transfer Center

The Transfer Center has up-to-date information on all the various colleges and universities nationwide. The Transfer Center can not only arrange meetings with college representatives, but also help you understand and fill out college applications. They have a huge library with up-to-date statistics on all colleges.

Scholarship Listings

School costs money. If there was ever a place that existed to get you more money for college, the Scholarship Office would be it! It's located in Room PS2-23.