Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS)

Current EOPS Students


To help you stay on track with EOPS we created a 6-step path to success
Path with six steps for EOPS listed below

  1. Start the semester in 12 units (or units indicated by your DSPS or EOPS waiver)
  2. Meet with a counselor between 9/3/2018 and 10/12/2018 to make an educational plan
  3. Meet with a peer mentor between 10/8/2018 and 10/26/2018
  4. Meet with a counselor between 10/29/2018 and 12/14/2018
  5. Use Priority Registration on your assigned date (between 11/19/2018 and 11/21/2018)
  6. Finish the semester with a 2.0 GPA or better in as many units as you started (see step 1)


  • Important Dates

    All student were given an orange sheet with the important dates and deadline for the fall 2018 semester. If you have misplaced that sheet you can download it here. There are also copies at the EOPS front desk.

    Fall 2018 EOPS Important Dates (download)

  • Breakdown of the EOPS contract
    • Enroll in 12 units (or units as permitted by EOPS/DSPS unit waiver)
    • Complete a minimum of 8 units for no more than 2 nonconsecutive semesters for the duration of my participation in EOPS
    • Prior to dropping or withdrawing from a class I will notify a Counselor or EOPS staff member
    • Utilize the Early Alert software Starfish to track your academic progress.
    • Schedule and meet with an EOPS counselor/staff 3 times each semester (See Important Dates timeline.)
      • One of the required appointments may be with a NON EOPS Counselor
      • EOPS does not guarantee make-up appointments for appointment no-shows, cancellations, or changes
    • If you are in another program such as UMOJA, MESA, Puente, Transfer Academy, Honors, DSPS, CalWORKS, Athletics, or Veterans you are still required to meet with an EOPS counselor and Peer mentor to fulfill the 3 required counseling contacts.
    • Register for my next semester’s courses by using WebAdvisor on my assigned EOPS Priority Registration date.
  • Book Vouchers


    • The book voucher is only valid at the LMC Bookstore
    • You may only purchase textbooks with the book voucher
    • You may only purchase Textbooks related to your schedule
    • You will NOT be able to RETURN or EXCHANGE Textbooks purchased with this Voucher. No Exceptions will be made.


    • Have your instructor confirm which textbooks you will need
    • Have your copy of your schedule with your First and Last Name provided by EOPS
    • Have your current Student ID available
  • Appeal for Reinstatement

    Students who fail to meet program requirements in two consecutive semesters are dismissed from EOPS and are required to appeal for readmission to the program. 

    Before Submitting an Appeal for Readmission

    1. Meet with a CARE or EOPS staff person to review status
    2. Obtain all written documentation needed to support claim
    3. Self-reflect to determine if the capacity to honor all program requirements exists
    4. Check appeal form for thoroughness

    Appeal for Reinstatement (download)

  • Time/Unit Waiver-- 70 units or 6 semesters

    According the state regulations, students exit EOPS for three reasons--

    1. TIME - completed 6 consecutive semesters
    2. UNITS - earned 70 degree applicable units
    3. COMPLIANCE - failed to fulfill programs requirements as defined by contract.

    Current EOPS students that have been enrolled in EOPS for six (6) consecutive semesters, and/or earned 70 degree applicable units may request to extend their eligibility for EOPS services by submitting a waiver. Students will be notified by email the semester before they reach these limits, and sent confirmation in their last semester of eligibility. Please contact the EOPS office for deadlines if you need to request an extension.

    Time/Unit Waiver (download)

  • Waiver of Full-Time Enrollment Requirement

    New students applying to EOPS who believe that their life circumstances will not allow them to successfully complete 12 units may request permission to enroll in EOPS with less than 12 units. Waivers are granted solely at the discretion of the EOPS director on a case-base basis and cannot be requested in back-to-back semesters. 
    Waivers approved for course loads of 9-11.9 units.

    Waiver of Full-Time Enrollment (download)

  • Intent to Graduate/Transfer

    Will you graduate or transfer fall 2018 or spring 2019? Remember that EOPS will pay for up to five (5) UC/CSU applications as well as your cap and gown! Fill out this form to let EOPS know that you are graduating/transferring.

    Intent to Graduate/Transfer (download)

    *Graduating/transferring students must still apply to graduate with Admission and Records