Student Life

Helping to shape and improve the college experience

 Mission & Student Learning Outcomes


Mission Statement

The Office of Student Life provides leadership opportunities that support students in becoming agents of positive social change and responsible members of a diverse and global society.

Student Learning Outcomes

As a result of the student's experience with this service, the following outcomes will be achieved:

Students who are Student Ambassadors will:

  • Develop their leadership skills through a variety of activities and events on campus.
  • Become agents of social change through their involvement on campus and local communities.

Students who participate in LMCAS (student government) will:

  • Be able to effectively use the LMCAS Bylaws and Parliamentary procedure during senate meetings.
  • Be able to actively engage in the shared governance process, through college committee involvement.

Students who participate in IMPACT (the student leadership retreat) will:

  • Develop an understanding of their own leadership style and how it relates to others.
  • Learn skills and strategies for being effective leaders in their programs, clubs, and organizations.

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