Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

STEM Jam 2020

August 1-6


We will be planning for summer STEM Jam 2021.

Program Overview

Are you a  Science, Technology, Engineering, Math Student? Join us for an unforgettable experience and receive a head start on your STEM college experience. This free one-week program prepares incoming students for a comprehensive STEM college experience that focuses both on STEM subject prep and STEM Social Life. Meet potential classmates--both new and current students--as well as faculty, staff and administrators. Ask questions and get answers! 


  • Hands on Activities
  • STEM Courses Prep
  • Study Skills
  • Team Building
  • STEM Speakers
  • MESA Program Info
STEM Jam graphic


students at stem jam practicing team building

More information about the STEM Jam

  • What is the STEM Jam

    STEM Jam is a one-week free experience for incoming STEM students to provide a head start on STEM college experience. 

  • What does STEM Jam offer?

    STEM is an academic support program that includes the following activities:

    • Navigate college services:
    • Introduction to STEM academic programs, tutoring, and clubs
    • STEM academic advising 
    • Gain study skills, time management, and test taking strategies
    • Improve social skills, including meeting new and current students
  • Who is eligible for the STEM Jam?

    All incoming LMC STEM students, or students thinking about STEM studies. Students need to have submitted an LMC application and plan to enroll at LMC in the fall semester. 

  • How do I apply?

    To apply please submit a STEM Jam Application.