Course Section Name Course Section Short Title
Academic and Carreer Success  
ACS-010 Becoming a College Scholar
Administration of Justice  
ADJUS-110 Intro to Crmnl Justice
ADJUS-120 Concepts of Criminal Law
ADJUS-122 Criminal Procedures
ADJUS-124 Legal Aspects of Evidence
ADJUS-140 Intro to Criminal Invest
ADJUS-160 Community & the Justice System
ADJUS-170 Occ Work Exp in Admin of Justc
ANTHR-005 General Anthropology
ANTHR-006 Cultural Anthropology
ART-005 The Visual Arts
ART-007 Medieval / Renaissance Art Hst
ART-009 Lte Mdrn/Contemp Art Hstry
ART-010 Intro Two-Dimensional Concpts
ART-011 Three-Dimnal Design Concepts
ART-012 Design Drawing
ART-015 Graphic Design
ART-019 History of Photography
ART-020 Introduction to Drawing
ART-025 Advertising, Marketing and Pub
ART-030 Figure Drawing
ART-040 Intro to Painting
ART-041 Intermediate Painting
ART-047 Color Theory
ART-060 Intro Concepts of Sculpture
ART-062 Introduction to Ceramic Sculpt
ART-063 Intermediate Ceramic Sculpture
ART-064 Intr to Cermics Thrgh Ptry Whl
ART-065 Intermed Cermcs Thrgh Ptry Whl
ART-072 Introduction to Digital Photo
ART-074 Photo II: Develpng Persnl Vsn
ART-085 Introduction to Animation
ART-170 Occ Work Experience Edu in Art
ART-180 Internship in Art
ART-250 Introduction to Digital Art
ASTRO-010 Introduction to Astronomy
ASTRO-011 Astronomy Laboratory
Automotive Technology  
AUTO-057 Smog Update
AUTO-110 Automotive Essential Car Care
AUTO-111 Automotive Electrical Systems
AUTO-112 Engine Technology
AUTO-121 Automotive Brakes
AUTO-124 Electric Vehicle Technology
AUTO-131 Intro to Diesel Technology
AUTO-133 Manual Transmission and Differ
AUTO-142 Automotive Diagnosis II
AUTO-150 Smog Check Training Level I
AUTO-151 Smog Check Training Level 2
Biological Science  
BIOSC-005 Biology of Health
BIOSC-007 Ecology and the Environment
BIOSC-008 Human Biology
BIOSC-010 General Biology
BIOSC-020 Principles Biology:Cellular
BIOSC-021 Principles of Biology
BIOSC-030 Intro to Anatomy & Physiology
BIOSC-040 Human Anatomy
BIOSC-045 Human Physiology
BIOSC-050 Microbiology
BUS-018 Introduction to Excel
BUS-027 Small Business Management
BUS-035A Microsoft Word
BUS-035C Microsoft Powerpoint
BUS-036 Intermediate Microsoft Office
BUS-059 Business Communications
BUS-094 Successful Virtual Worker
BUS-109 Introduction to Business
BUS-160 Personal Finance
BUS-170 Occ Work Exp in Business
BUS-185 Computer Assisted Accounting
BUS-186 Financial Accounting
BUS-187 Managerial Accounting
BUS-294 Business Law
Child Development  
CHDEV-001 Prncpl/Prcts Teachng Yng Chldn
CHDEV-010 Child Growth and Development
CHDEV-011 Observation and Assessment
CHDEV-020 Child, Family and Community
CHDEV-022 Guidance and Discipline Strate
CHDEV-031 Trma Infrmd Practner:prct/Strg
CHDEV-041 D.A.P. for Infants & Toddlers
CHDEV-050 Teaching in a Diverse Society
CHDEV-057 D.A.P. Chdrn W Special Needs
CHDEV-062 Introduction to Curriculum
CHDEV-065 Hlth/Sfty/Nutrition Early Chld
CHDEV-090 Stnt Tchng Prctm Early Chldhd
CHDEV-092 Adlt Sprvsn-Mntr Tchr Trng
CHDEV-096 Staff Development and Leadersh
CHDEV-170 Occ Work Exp Edu in Child Dev
CHDEV-180 Internship in Child Devlpmnt
CHEM-006 Intro Inorganic/Phys Chmstry
CHEM-007 Intro -Organic & Biochemistry
CHEM-025 General College Chemistry 1
CHEM-026 General College Chemistry II
CHEM-028 Organic Chemistry
CHEM-029 Organic Chemistry
Computer Science  
COMSC-010 Computer Network Fundamentals
COMSC-011 Systems and Network Admin
COMSC-012 Intro to Info Systems Security
COMSC-030 Web Site Development- Part 1
COMSC-031 Web Site Dev.- Part II
COMSC-040 Intro to Computer & Info Systm
COMSC-044 Intro to C++ Prgrmming
COMSC-060 Information Technologies
COMSC-110 Gaming: An Introduction
COMSC-121 Intro to Cybrscrty-Ethic Hckng
COMSC-122 Prgrm Cncpts & Methodologies I
COMSC-132 Prgrm Cncpts & Methodolgies II
COMSC-142 Computer Architecture and Orga
COMSC-170 Occ Work Exp Edu in Computer
CONST-010N Const Pre-Apprentc Fndmtls
CONST-012N Appld Const Pre-Appr Skills
Cooperation Education  
COOP-160 General Work Experience Educ
COOP-170 Occupational Work Experience
COUNS-030 Orientation to College
COUNS-031-0526 Educational Planning
COUNS-032 Intro to Career Exploration
COUNS-032N Intro to Career Exploration
COUNS-033 Transfer Planning
COUNS-034 College Success
COUNS-034N College Success
COUNS-035 Theories/Appli of Lrng in Clge
COUNS-036 Career & Life Planning
COUNS-045 Mesa/Stem Scholars Success
DRAMA-015 Multicultr Perspctiv W/Theatre
DRAMA-016 Theatre Appreciation
DRAMA-021 Principles of Acting 2
DRAMA-023 Principles/Improv & Movement
DRAMA-030 Chicano/a Mexican American Cn
DRAMA-041 Theatrical Design
DRAMA-050 Theatrical Production I: Act
DRAMA-070 Film as an International Art
DRONE-010N Remote Pilot Cert Preparation
DRONE-012N Basic Drone Piloting
ECON-005 Economic History of U.S.
ECON-010 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON-011 Principles of Macroeconomics
EDUC-100 Intro to Classroom Teaching
Emergency Medical Services  
EMS-010 Emergency Medical Technician
EMS-013 Medical Term/Health Care Prof
EMS-014 Healthcare Provider CPR
EMS-170 Occ. Work Experience in EMS
ENGIN-010 Introduction to Engineering
ENGIN-020 Prog. C++ for Engin. and Sci.
ENGIN-022 Prog. Matlab Engin. and Sci.
ENGIN-025 Engineering Graphics
ENGIN-030 Materials Science
ENGIN-045 Engineering Circuit Analysis
ENGIN-046 Engineering Dynamics
ENGL-100 College Composition
ENGL-100S Support for College Comp
ENGL-110 Introduction to Social Justice
ENGL-111 Creative Writing
ENGL-120 Intro Latno Lit/Latin Amer Rts
ENGL-122 California Literature
ENGL-124 Children's Literature
ENGL-127 The Mythlgy/Lit Ethnic Amrcns
ENGL-132 Ltre of Fants:myths,fntsy,scif
ENGL-133 Race/Ethncy/Gndr/Fctn/Film
ENGL-135 Introduction to LGBT Studies
ENGL-136 Introduction to Gender Studies
ENGL-220 Critical Thinking
ENGL-221 Advncd Compstn & Crtal Thnkng
ENGL-230 Thinking/Writing Critical Lit
ENGL-245 Survey of World Literature Ii:
English as a Second Language  
ESL-065G Fndational Gramr/Gen Comuntn 1
ESL-065PC Esntal Pronunctn/Convstn Skl 1
ESL-065VR Basic Vocabulary/Reading Dev 1
ESL-065W Fundamental Writing Skills 1
ESL-075G Fndational Gramr/Gen Comuntn 2
ESL-075PC Esntal Pronunctn/Convstn Skl 2
ESL-075W Fundamental Writing Skills 2
ESL-085G Intermed Grmr Clg/Carer Comm
ESL-085SL Inter Oral Comm. Colge Clsrm
ESL-095G Adv Grmr Colge/Carer Comm
ESL-095SL Advncd Spch Com Acad/Prof Purs
ESL-095WRV Adv Acad Wrtng/Rdng/Disp Thnkg
ESLN-065G Fndational Gramr/Gen Comuntn 1
ESLN-065PC Esntal Pronunctn/Convstn Skl 1
ESLN-065VR Basic Vocabulary/Reading Dev 1
ESLN-065W Fundamental Writing Skills 1
ESLN-075G Fndational Gramr/Gen Comuntn 2
ESLN-075PC Esntal Pronunctn/Convstn Skl 2
ESLN-075W Fundamental Writing Skills 2
ESLN-085G Intermed Grmr Clg/Carer Comm
ESLN-085SL Inter Oral Comm. Colge Clsrm
ESLN-095G Adv Grmr Colge/Carer Comm
ESLN-095SL Advncd Spch Com Acad/Prof Purs
ESLN-095WRV Adv Acad Wrtng/Rdng/Disp Thnkg
Electronic Technology  
ETEC-009 ETEC Mathematics
ETEC-010 Direct Current Circuits
ETEC-012 Alternating Current Circuits
ETEC-020 Electric Motor Control
ETEC-022 Semiconductor Devices
ETEC-024 Digital Devices
ETEC-040 National Electric Code
ETEC-042 Electcl Wiring & Code Applcnts
ETEC-044 Transformers and Power Distrib
ETEC-046 DC & AC Motors/Generators
ETEC-170 Occ Work Exp Elect Ins Tech
Ethnic Studies  
ETHN-045 Introduction to Black Studies
ETHN-110 Intro to Native Amrca/Indgns
Fire Technology  
FIRE-101 Fire Protection Organization
FIRE-102 Fire Behavior and Combustion
FIRE-103 Fire Protection Systems
FIRE-104 Building Constr/Fire Service
FIRE-105 Fire Prevention
FIRE-106 Physical Fitness/PS Prsnnl
FIRE-120 Firefighter I Academy
FIRE-170 Occ Work Exp in Fire Technolog
FRNCH-060 Elementary French I
FRNCH-061 Elementary French II
HIST-029 U.S. History Until 1865
HIST-030 United States History Frm 1865
HIST-035 Hstry Wstrn Civil Since Renisn
HIST-047 History of Native Americans
HIST-054 LGBTQ American History
HIST-057 History Amercn Wmen Since 1877
HUMAN-020 Medieval and Renaissance Human
HUMAN-022 American Humanities
HUMAN-040 Honors-Opera:the Human Exper
HUMAN-050 Hip Hop Culture: Amer Phenom
ITAL-060 Elementary Italian I
JOURN-100 Mass Communication
JOURN-110 Writing for the Media
JOURN-115A Media Writing Practicum I
JOURN-115B Media Writing Practicum II
JOURN-115C Media Writing Practicum III
JOURN-129 Media Production: an Overview
JOURN-130 Media Production: Practicum I
JOURN-131 Media Production: Practicum II
JOURN-132 Media Production: Practicum II
KINES-100 Introduction to Kinesiology
KINES-105 Intro Standrd FIrst Aid/CPR
KINES-200 Personal Health and Wellness
KNACT-006 Cardio and Strength Training
KNACT-008A Weght Train to Strngth/Condit
KNACT-008B Wgt Trn to Strngth/Cond II
KNACT-012 Fitness Walking
KNACT-014A Beginning Volleyball
KNACT-014B Intermediate Volleyball
KNACT-025 Spin
KNACT-026A Beginning Soccer
KNACT-026B Intermediate Soccer
KNACT-030 Tennis
KNACT-033 Cardio Kickboxing
KNACT-046A Beginning Basketball
KNACT-046B Intermediate Basketball
KNACT-057A Beginnig Yoga for Health/Fit
KNACT-057B Intermed Yoga for Health/Fit
KNACT-057C Advanced Yoga for Health/Fit
KNACT-110 Fitness Center - Training
KNACT-120 Fitness Cntr - Strength Trng
KNACT-130 Fitness Center - Function
KNACT-140 Fitness Cntr/Cross Train
KNDAN-053 Introduction to Dance
Kinesology-Intercollegiate Athletics  
KNICA-014 Adv. Volleyball Skls for Ath.
KNICA-026 Adv. Soccer Skls for Athletes
KNICA-027 Offensive Football Skills/Con.
KNICA-028 Defensive Football Skills/Con.
KNICA-046 Adv. Bsktbl Skls for Athletes
KNICA-046 Adv. Bsktbl Skls for Athletes
KNICA-081 Intercollegiate Baseball
KNICA-092 Intercollegiate Softball
KNICA-100 Ath Educ Svcs/Stratgies
KNICA-170 Occ Work Exp Edu in Athletics
Business Management  
MANGT-060 Making Effective Decisions
MANGT-065 Mastering Mangt Essential Tool
MANGT-075 Managing Human Resources
MATH-030 Intermediate Algebra
MATH-110 Introduction to Statistics
MATH-110S Math Skills for Success/Stats
MATH-120 Number Systems
MATH-140 Applied Calculus
MATH-140S Inter Algebra for Applied Calc
MATH-155 Precalculus
MATH-155S Intermed Algebra for Precalc
MATH-160 Discrete Math
MATH-210 Calculus/Analytic Geometry I
MATH-220 Calculus/Analytic Geometry II
MATH-230 Calculus/Analytic Geometry III
MATH-240 Differential Equations
MATH-250 Linear Algebra
MUSIC-008 Applied Music
MUSIC-010 Music Literature
MUSIC-012 Popular Musics in Amer Clt
MUSIC-013B Musicianship II
MUSIC-014B Musicianship IV
MUSIC-015 Basic Music
MUSIC-017 Music Theory II:Tonal Harmony
MUSIC-019 Music Theory Iv: Adv Hrmny/Ltr
MUSIC-030 Basic Keyboard Skills
MUSIC-032 Piano II
MUSIC-033B Advanced Piano
MUSIC-040 Concert Band
MUSIC-065 Class Voice
MUSIC-066 Gospel Choir
MUSIC-067 Jazz/ Vocal Popular Techniques
MUSIC-081 Intro to Improvisation
NUTRI-055 Introduction to Nutrition
PHIL-100 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL-110 Critical Thinking and Comp
PHIL-120 Introduction to Ethics
PHIL-122 Contemporary Moral Issues
PHIL-132 History of Modern Philosophy
PHIL-133 Philo of Political Theory/Thgt
PHIL-151 Philosophy of the Arts
PHYS-015 Introduction to Physics
PHYS-035 College Physics I
PHYS-036 College Physics II
PHYS-037 Gen Coll Phys Cal Suprt I
PHYS-038 Gen Coll Phys Cal Suprt II
PHYS-040 Physics/Scientist/Engineers
PHYS-042 Physics/Scientists/Engineers
Political Science  
POLSC-010 Intro to Amer. Gov.: Inst&ide
POLSC-033 Philosophy of Polit Thry/Thght
POLSC-043 Honors-International Relations
POLSC-160 Intro to Law, Publc Polcy/Scty
PSYCH-010 Psychology: Individ/Soc Proces
PSYCH-011 General Psychology
PSYCH-014 Psychology of Human Sexuality
PSYCH-017 Intro to Resrch Mtds in Psych
Process Technology  
PTEC-007 Industrial Tech Career Skills
PTEC-009 PTEC Mathematics
PTEC-010 Intro to Process Technology
PTEC-012 Petrochemical Sfty, Hlth & Env
PTEC-015 Fund Phys Prins Indst Tech
PTEC-024 Process Instrumentation
PTEC-025 Process Technology 1- Equip
PTEC-027 Applied Instrument Analysis
PTEC-035 Process Technology II-Systems
PTEC-170 Occ Work Exp in Process Tech
Recording Arts  
RA-010 Intro to Recording Arts
RA-015 Music Fundmntls/Audio Prof
RA-020 Recording Arts II
RA-021 The Role of the Producer
RA-025 Basic Tracking Sessions
RA-035 Protools Production & Editing
RA-040 Recording Arts IV
Registered Nuring  
RNURS-001 Nursing Career Seminar
RNURS-026 Nursing in Health and Illness
RNURS-027 Nursing Skills Simulation II
RNURS-028 Pharmacology for Rn Program II
RNURS-030 Ldrshp/Mngmt & Prfstl Nursing
RNURS-036 Nrsng in Hlth and Illness III
RNURS-038 Nursing Skills Simulation IV
RNURS-039 Pharmacology for RN Prgrm IV
Sign Language  
SIGN-050 Elem. American Sign Language I
SIGN-051 Elem American Sign Language II
SIGN-052 American Sign Language III
SIGN-053 American Sign Language IV
Social Justice Studies  
SJS-110 Honors-Intro to Social Justice
SJS-135 Introduction to LGBT Studies
SJS-136 Introduction to Gender Studies
SJS-150 Intro to Race & Ethnicity
SOCIO-012 Intro to Marriage and Family
SOCIO-015 Intro to Sociology
SOCIO-016 Introduction to Social Problem
SPAN-046 Spanish for the Professions
SPAN-047 Spanish for Health Profesnls
SPAN-050 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN-051 Elem Span II
SPAN-052 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN-053 Intermediate Spanish II
Speech Communication  
SPCH-110 Speech Communication
SPCH-120 Argumentation and Debate
SPCH-130 Honors-Interpersonal Comm
SPCH-150 Intercultural Communication
Supervised Tutoring  
SPTUT-020N Supervised Tutoring
TRAVL-072 Introduction to Travel
TRAVL-075 Nor/Centrl Europe Dest Spclst
TRAVL-077 Custom Vacation Planning
TRAVL-084 Caribbean Destination Spclst
TRAVL-095 Advanced Travel Concepts
TRAVL-130 Hm Based Travl: Launching Your
Vocational Nursing  
VONUR-008 Medical Term for Hlthcr Occup
VONUR-010 Inter. Clinical Pharmacology
VONUR-011 Medical Surgical Nursing
VONUR-012 Medical-Surgical Nrsng Practic
VONUR-020 Drug Dosage Cal. Hlth Occpts
VONUR-030 IV Therapy/Blood Withdrawal
WELD-010 Basic Arc Welding Theory
WELD-011 Basic Shielded Metal Arc Weld
WELD-015 Basic Oxyacetylene Welding
WELD-016 Advanced Welding
WELD-020 Intermediate Shielded Metal Ar
WELD-021 Advanced Shielded Metal Arc
WELD-031 GTAW Welding Practice
WELD-033 GMAW Welding Practice
WELD-035 Blueprint Reading for Welders
WELD-040 TIG, MIG & FCA Welding Theory
WELD-041 Pipe Welding Practice
WELD-043 Flux-Core Arc Welding Practice
WELD-170 Occ Work Experience in Welding