Safety Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the LMC Safety Committee is to promote a safe environment for all students, faculty, staff, administrators, and visitors of the College.


  • To review and update campus emergency preparedness procedures including but not limited to building monitors and evacuation procedures.
  • To develop an emergency response protocol for managers including establishment of and training for an Emergency Operations Center.
  • To establish and provide training and a communications plan regarding various emergency response situations to all college personnel.
  • To update evacuation signage and procedures, and administer a campus-wide evacuation drill (both at the main campus and at the Brentwood campus).


  • Carlos Montoya, VP of Business Services and Administration- Chair
  • Ryan Huddleston, Police Services
  • Vacant, Police Services
  • Robert Estrada, Management
  • Angela Fantuzzi, Management
  • Michael Schenone, Management
  • Virginia Richards, Management
  • Rikki Hall, Brentwood Center
  • Richard Villegas, Academic Senate Faculty - Athletics Dept.
  • Victor Coronado-Barraza, Academic Senate Faculty
  • Derek Domenichelli, Academic Senate Faculty
  • Lucy Snow, Academic Senate Faculty
  • Sandra Mills, Classified Senate - Local One
  • Eloine Chapman, Classified Senate
  • Lawrence Punsalang, Classified Senate
  • Lisa Avery, Classified Senate

COVID-19 Information:

Safety Monitor Plan:

  • Safety Support Team (SST) chart (under construction)