Pathways to Transfer

Associate Degree for Transfer

Sociology for Transfer

The Sociology major at Los Medanos College will provide students with an introduction to the field of sociology. This major will focus on the principles and theoretical perspectives of sociology. Students will be provided an opportunity to examine how sociological phenomena can influence social institutions and social behavior. The sociological examination of the various modes of inquiry will develop an awareness of the importance as well as the complexity of collecting and reporting research data.

Most career options require more than two years of college study. This associate degree in Sociology provides preparation for transfer to Sociology programs at four year institutions. Transferring and the completion of the baccalaureate degree and graduate studies in Sociology can lead to a variety of careers in social services, college and university teaching and research, administration and government fields and business consultants.


To achieve the Associate of Arts in Sociology for Transfer from Los Medanos College, students must

1. Complete the Sociology major requirements

2. Fulfill requirements of either the CSU-General Education or the IGETC general education pattern

3. Complete 60 units of college transfer level courses

4. Obtain a minimum grade point average of 2.0.

Required Courses:

SOCIO-015 Introduction to Sociology 3 Units
MATH-034 Introduction to Statistics 4 Units
SOCIO-017 Introduction to Research 3 Units
SOCIO-012 Marriage and Family 3 Units
SOCIO-016 Introduction to Social Problems 3 Units
PSYCH-011 General Psychology 3 Units

Total units required for major is 19 Units plus CSU General Education Requirements for a total of 60 units