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Associate in Arts in Political Science for Transfer Degree

The Los Medanos College Social Science Department invites the students of our esteem institution to take the academic journey through the discipline of political science; an experience that will explore “who gets what, when, and how,” prepare political science majors for the rigors of study at four-year institutions, and impart the skill-set necessary to achieve success in professional careers and endeavors. Upon completion of the Los Medanos College AA-T in Political Science, LMC students will be eligible for priority admission to CSU academic programs and will have satisfied most prerequisites for upper division baccalaureate study in political science.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science typically leads to careers in the legal professional, public administration, diplomatic corps, elected office, legislative branch, journalist, lobbyist, and educator. Employment opportunities that utilize political science coursework that do not necessarily require a four-year degree may be found in law enforcement, civil service, civic engagement, and private nonprofit agencies. The Los Medanos College AA-T in Political Science is a multidisciplinary experience that blends an exciting range of social science courses. These courses compliment the broad nature of the political science discipline and may be use to fulfill other disciplinary or institutional requirements.

Statement of Program Goals and Objectives (PSLOs):
Students who completed this degree will be able to:

  1. Read critically and think creatively, resulting in the effective interpretation, in both written and oral forms, of the major political events in American history, media reports, established political theories and concepts, laws and public policy, and personal views about politics.
  2. Demonstrate an interdisciplinary approach to the study of American and California governments by recognizing, characterizing, and analyzing the relevance of such major themes as significant American and California historical developments, economic systems, quantitative analysis of political behavior, and the application of science and technology to public policy.
  3. Identify, define, and analyze national and state governmental policies and actions that address a worldview, particularly in the case of multiculturalism and globalization, as well as identify, define, and analyze values and beliefs inherent in American political ideologies, moral issues associated with governmental institutions such as the American legal system, and the varied ethical perspectives of political leaders and citizenry. 


Please note the following completion requirements:

Required core courses (3 units total):

POLSC-010 Introduction to American Government: Institutions and Ideals 3

LIST A: Select and complete 3 courses (9-10 units) from the following:

POLSC-033 A History of Political Thought: The Problem of Democracy


POLSC-043 International Relations 3
POLSC-050 Introduction to Comparative Politics 3
POLSC-060 The Constitution, Our Rights and the Law 3
MATH 110  Introduction to Statistics   4




LIST B: Select and complete 2 courses (6 units) from the following Any List A course not already used

POLSC-040 Introduction to California State and Local Politics 3
HIST- 029 United States History until 1865 3
HIST- 030 United States History from 1865 3
HIST- 040 Modern World History: Peoples and Their Governance From 1500 C.E. 3
ECON-005 Economic History of the United States 3
ECON-010 Principles of Microeconomics 3
ECON-011 Principles of Macroeconomics 3

Total Units for Major: 18-19
Units that may be double count 6-15/6-15
GE Units (CSU/IGETC): 39/37
Electives: 8-18/10-20
Total Units for degree: 60

Visit the Political Science website to learn more about the program