Pathways to Transfer

Associate Degrees for Transfer


Multiple pathways exist to assist students in transferring to a four-year university, but deciding which one to take can be difficult. Many factors can influence the path that you take to transfer.  

 Do you want to attend a UC, CSU,
private, or out-of-state university?

What is your intended major?  

Do you want to complete your
associate degree along the way?

Students choosing to transfer are strongly encouraged to see an LMC Counselor since four-year college requirements vary widely and are subject to change. Students must request that the IGETC certification be sent to the four-year campus that they will be attending. Fill out Application for IGETC/CSU GE Certification available on the college website.

Popular paths that students take to transfer are the following: 

We strongly encourage students to meet with a counselor who can assist in selecting with path is right for you and will maximize your chances for transfer success.