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Social Justice Studies for Transfer: African American Studies

The Associate in Arts in Social Justice Studies: African American Studies for Transfer Degree at Los Medanos College will grant students with the opportunity to examine, analyze, and explore African Americans historically, socially, and politically. By employing a cross-disciplinary approach, this course shall allow students to thoroughly consider theoretical frameworks that have impacted the lives of African people in the United States. These theoretical infrastructures primarily include race, gender, and sexuality. Moreover, this course will expose students to the expanse of the African Diaspora, allowing students to recognize connections between African-Americans and African people who lived and are living in the Caribbean, Latin America, and Europe. Via the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, the Associate in Arts in Social Justice Studies for Transfer Degree: African American Studies will offer students the chance to study African Americans in courses such as history, psychology, politics, literature, film, art, ethnic studies, gender studies, child development and health. The degree requires a minimum of 18 units lower division work in African American Studies and related disciplines and is combined with the California State General Education Pattern to prepare students to take upper division courses at a California State University.

Statement of Program Goals and Objectives (PSLOs):
Students who completed this degree will be able to:

  1. Read, write and discuss orally a variety of primary and secondary texts about African people in the United States and the African Diaspora.
  2. Use art, film, music, and literature to critically examine and explore the history and struggle of African people in the United States and the African Diaspora.
  3. Analyze the histories and experiences of African people and the contributions they have made to social justice and the fight for equality in the United States and the African Diaspora.
  4. Examine the ethical and moral implications inherent in the experiences of African people in the United States and throughout the African Diaspora in their quest for social, moral and economic justice.
  5. Compare and contrast the African American experience with other experiences that are a part of the African Diaspora.

Please note the following completion requirements:

Required core courses (9 units total):

SOCSC-150 Introduction to Race & Ethnicity 3
SOCSC/ENGL -136  Introduction to Gender Studies 3
SOCSC/ENGL-110   Introduction to Social Justice Studies 3

LIST A: Select three course from at least two of the following areas (9 units):

Area 1    
HIST-061 History of African-Americans since 1865 3
Area 2    
ENGL-129 African American Literature 3
DRAMA-072 The Color of Media 3
Area 3    
SOCSC-045  Issues Facing African Americans 3




Total Units for Major: 18
Units that may be double count 6
GE Units (CSU/IGETC): 39/37
Electives: 9/11
Total Units for degree: 60

Visit the African American Studies website to learn more