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Most face-to-face classes and services have been moved online to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Visit LMC COVID-19 or the District office COVID-19 page for more information.

Please connect with your instructors via Canvas and check your College email often for updates. For assistance with LMC’s online support services, use the Live Chat feature on this website or call (925) 473-7434.

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Your mental & physical well-being is vitally important to us. Visit our community resources & links page

Information for Students
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    I need access to a computer, headphones, or a camera to complete my courses. Is there any support for me?

    There are limited resources available for students with high need. Please fill out the following LMC Student Support Form.

    I'm not in an emergency or crisis, and I want to talk to a Wellness Counselor or a Mental Health Therapist. How can I talk to someone?

    For non-urgent concerns, Counselors in the LMC Counseling Department can provide resources on self-care and help you access community based resources for other mental health or wellness needs. 

    For non-urgent concerns and up to 8 sessions of free therapeutic counseling, please use this link to request services from a JFKU Wellness Counselor.  Telehealth options are currently available. JFKU Wellness Counseling

    What should I do if I have LMC Library books checked out?

    The due date for ALL books has been extended to July 23. Please do not return books that you have currently checked out. No late fees will be charged during the closure. Notices and updates about due dates will be sent to your InSite email address, and you can check the status of all items you have checked out by logging in to your Library Account. (Sign In > Click on your name > My Loans)

    I need some tutoring. How do I get help with that?

    We have a web page that list all the virtual tutoring services that are available at this time and their schedules for individual time with a tutor.

    I need to talk to someone in Admissions & Records, how do I do that?

    The Admissions & Records Department is providing services via phone at (925) 473-7500, or visit the admissions and records webpage to email or chat. 

    Can I still talk to a Counselor?

    Distance counseling appointments are available through video or phone with a Counselor. To schedule an appointment, please call our LMC General Counseling Department phone line at 925-318-1733 or you can book through the Counseling Website. You can also email a Counselor directly with any questions; a list of the Counselor emails and specializations are on the Counseling Website contact page. 

    Can I still talk to someone at Los Medanos College even if they are providing services online?

    We have limited phone service so please communicate via email or chat. If you would like to talk to someone during hours of operation, you can reach the Welcome Desk at (925) 473-7434.

    How do I stay up to date with changes during this time?

    Make sure you are checking your InSite email frequently. This is the only email that staff and faculty at LMC can contact you at.

    What if I do not have access to a computer or the internet? 

    Please contact your instructor for options on how to continue your course.


    Can I withdraw if I feel I cannot complete the course? If so, who do I talk to?

    Please talk with your instructor first, your instructor may have options for you. Please also consult with an LMC Counselor and Financial Aid Office before dropping a course as it may affect more than just your enrollment at LMC.

    How do I drop a class? 

    You can drop a course on your insite portal through the Plan-Progress tile.  If you are blocked from dropping a course online due to owing student fees or being on Academic Probation, you can email a request either by using the drop request form on the Admissions & Records Forms page or submitting an email request including course information to   BUT it must come from your student InSite email to authenticate your identity.

    What is an Excused Withdrawal? 

    If you drop a course between March 1, 2020-May 15, 2020, your course will be considered an “Excused Withdrawal” (EW). This means that you will get a refund for the course you dropped and it will not count towards your allowable 3 attempts towards taking a course. 

    Note: For Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology, you can only attempt these courses two (2) times and an Excused Withdrawal (EW) will not count towards these two attempts. For more information, please contact Admissions. 

    Is the library open?

    The library is closed until further notice but they have online resources available.

    What is the turnaround time for a response?

    There is a 24-hour response window Monday-Friday and 48-hour response window on weekends. If there are assignments due over the weekend, communicate with your instructor to create a communication plan.

    Will I still receive my financial aid disbursement?

    All scheduled financial aid disbursements will continue.

    How do I get help with Financial Aid?

    The Financial Aid Office is open and providing remote services through email and phone.
    Phone: 925-473-7525

    Your Financial Aid Representative is based on the first letter of your last name and you can email them directly. 

    Last Names: A - E

    Last Names: F-L

    Last Names: M -N

    Last Names: O-R

    Last Names: S-Z
    Eva Monteverde, 

    More FAQs at the CCCCD website

  • Student Assistance Program (SAP)

    These are uniquely stressful times for everyone, filled with rapid change and uncertainty, and we expect that many people could find themselves in need of additional care and support.

    Los Medanos College (LMC) and Contra Costa Community College District (CCCCD) want to remind all of our students about a robust resource already in place called the Student Assistance Program (SAP).

    SAP stands ready to provide up to five (5) individual counseling sessions, per issue, per policy year, either in person, or by telephone or web-video conference for problems related to:

    • Childcare and eldercare assistance;
    • Daily living services (arranging help with errands);
    • Stress, anxiety, changes in mood, sadness;
    • Grief, loss or response to traumatic events (like COVID-19);
    • Financial or legal services; and/or
    • Concerns about use of drugs or alcohol

    These services can be accessed 24/7 either by calling 

    (800) 227-1060       (TTY users call 711)

    – or by visiting –

    LMC/CCCCD Student login code:  ccccdstudent

    Use of these services is confidential between you, the SAP, and the individual professional providers with whom you are connected.  

    No personal information is shared with LMC or the District.

Highlighted student support services

LMC Tutors are online

Need help with any subject?
Our tutors and labs are virtually online to help you. Visit the tutoring web page to learn the different ways and to view the different schedules.

LMC Tutoring

Peer to Peer help

Need some tech help? 
Your fellow students are just a chat away to help you solve common problems with Canvas, Zoom, Microsoft office products and more!

If they don't know the answer they will find someone who does!

Peer 2 Peer Tech Support


Distance Counseling 
Providing phone, video, and email counseling and career exploration for new, returning and veteran students.

Schedule an appointment

Writing help

Have a writing assignment?
The Center for Academic Support has been providing online writing consultations for years. That's not all... they also provide peer tutoring in all subjects, not just writing!

 Center for Academic Support

Transfer and career services

Wondering about your future?

Transfer and Career Services can help you explore your options and get ready for transfer. They can help you streamline the process and set you on the path that is right for you.

Explore your options now

For more information on our student services visit the links below:

Live Chat Support   
Email Consultations Support   
Video Conferencing Support    
Additional Support Services Support   

Admissions and Records 
 Hours | Call: (925) 473-7500

Financial Aid
Expect to find:      
Hours | Call: (925) 473-7525

Getting Started at LMC
Call: (925) 473 -7434

Counseling & Guidance
Expect to find:           
Call:  (925) 318-1733

Disabled Student Programs & Services (DSPS)
 Hours | Call: 925-318-1673

Transfer & Career Services
Expect to find:           

Expect to find:           

Food pantry
Hours: Mondays & Thursdays

Veterans Resource Center