English as a Second Language ESL

Welcome to the ESL Department at Los Medanos College

To our community:

 The mission of the English for Multilingual Students (EMLS) Department at Los Medanos College (home of the English as a Second Language or ESL program) is to meet the diverse personal, educational, and career needs and goals of the multilingual multicultural English language learning community in East Contra Costa County and the international student population from abroad who choose to study at our college.

To our students:

We want to support your multilingual English language development by helping and challenging you to learn, practice, and be both sensitized and motivated to strategically use a range of communication and learning skills and strategies as well as a variety of Habits of Mind, which are intelligent behaviors or thinking dispositions, that have been shown to help students succeed and have been reported to be among the qualities and abilities that employers most want their employees to have. 

Therefore, we weave these intelligent behaviors into our language and culture instruction to advance your ability to

  1. communicate clearly and accurately, consider and discuss different perspectives, and think creatively and reflectively
  2. empathize, collaborate, learn, and have fun with others
  3. pay attention, ask questions, find solutions, and enjoy learning more
  4. respond with wonderment and awe, think first, persist, and take responsible risks that will help you achieve your success goals. 

By actively participating in our program and strengthening your Habits of Mind, you will

  • become more comfortable and confident interacting as a bilingual or multilingual global citizen in a wide range of social, career, and educational situations and environments
  • increase your understanding of and respect for living in a multicultural community, society, and world
  • be more aware of and better prepared to take advantage of various personal, social, educational and career opportunities

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