Literature Courses
We have many offerings in literary themes and subjects that speak to the diversity of our student body and world at large.    We hope all will enrich you and your perspectives.

There are many reasons to take literature courses at Los Medanos College. 

  • simple enjoyment of escape into stories, poetry, and drama
  • close reading and analytical skills that apply to other courses across departments
  • fulfills transfer requirements in a fun and exciting way
  • fulfills English degree requirements
  • creates bonds of friendship with your classmates to explore meaningful work

Perhaps most importantly, however, is the idea of radical empathy that reading, discussing, and writing about literature fosters, an idea published in The New York Times:

"If we could gain a deeper sense of what it’s like to be somebody different from us — from a   different part of the world, from the other side of the tracks, with a different skin color, religion or gender — would we become more generous, understanding or compassionate people? Can empathy help bridge the divides that fracture us as a nation and world?"

ENGL 124: Children's Literature

ENGL 127: The Mythology and Literature of Ethnic Americans

ENGL 128: Introduction to Asian-American Literature

ENGL 129: Introduction to Contemporary African-American Literature

ENGL 132: Literature of the Imagination: Myths, Tales, The Short Story and the Novel

ENGL 133: Reflections: Representations of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in Hollywood Films and Popular Fiction

ENGL 135: Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Studies

ENGL 136: Introduction to Gender Studies

 ENGL 140: Survey of World Literature I: Antiquity to Mid-Seventeenth Century

ENGL 145: Survey of World Literature II: Mid-Seventeenth Century to Present

ENGL 150: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Literature

ENGL 205: California Literature

ENGL 210:  Introduction to Latino Literature and Its Latin American Roots

ENGL 211: Introduction to Chicano Literature

ENGL 231: Mystery and Detective Fiction


two trees with roots reading girl and bird