Developmental Education & Basic Skills Program

Our mission:

Our mission is to provide students with a coordinated curriculum and comprehensive support services that will engage, challenge and support them as learners.

Our philosophy:

Developmental education includes, but is not limited to, basic skills courses. Since learning is a developmental process, developmental education is inclusive of all learners, but is particularly mindful of students who do not yet possess the prerequisite skills to successfully pursue a course of study leading to a certificate, degree or transfer.

Developmental education is a college wide commitment. As an essential part of teaching and learning, developmental education is comprehensive in its services, and an integrated part of the academic mainstream. A dynamic partnership between instruction and student services is needed to ensure that social and affective dimensions of learning are addressed as well as cognitive skills.

We are committed to the ideal of both access and quality. The developmental education program of Los Medanos College exists to help students achieve their goals and to promote academic integrity. We are committed to assessing student learning and achievement, as well as our own effectiveness as a program, and to using assessment data to improve both student learning and our curriculum and support services. In this way, faculty are supported in maintaining academic standards while students are supported in gaining the critical skills and abilities that will serve as the foundation of their success.