Career Technical Education

Students & Parents

CTE programs specialize in modern technologies, skilled trades, and applied sciences in more the 80 high-demand fields.
Students benefit from hands-on, project-based learning environments. Courses are tuaght by top instructors in real-world environments equipped with industry-specific technology, tools, and equipment. 

Career and Technical Education prepares students for high wage and high demand careers. In an ever-changing job market, CTE graduates enter the workforce having comprehensive skills and the ability to be innovative critical thinkers. CTE programs rely on industry input through Advisory Committees, thus, giving our programs access to current and competitive insight. This results in connecting local employers to local talent, who have been trained according to their input.  

Early College Credit for High School Students

LMC offers 3 ways for students to get a "jump start" on their college and career pathway:

1) Concurrent Enrollment: Concurrent Enrollment is when a student takes a course at Los Medanos College while they are still in high school. Students should be at least 14 years old and have passed grade 8. There is no fee to enroll for an LMC course to be concurrently enrolled. All that is needed is to pay for books. For more information visit the LMC Concurrent Enrollment webpage.

2) Articulation: Articulation occurs when the high school teacher and theLMC professor get together to align an LMC college level course with a high school level course. This agreement allows the high school student an opportunity to earn FREE COLLEGE CREDIT! Check out the LMC High School Articulation webpage for more information and to find out if your school has articulated classes!

3) Dual Enrollment: Dual Enrollment is when an LMC course is taught at the high school. High School students enrolling in a dual enrolled course will recieve the grade they earn in the class on a college transcript. This college credit is free and transferrable to most community colleges, CSU's & UC's. Visit the LMC Dual Enrollment webpage for more information and to find out if your school has Dual Enrollment classes! 

Advantages of Early College Credit

By taking high school courses in the career pathway of your choice, you

  • Save time by taking the right preparatory or pre-requisite courses in high school.
  • Earn credit for college courses while still in high school.  This is advanced placement in the CTE program at the college.  (You could even graduate from LMC and high school at the same time if you start early and plan well!)
  • Save money by taking college courses free while still in high school.
  • Avoid taking the same course twice in high school and in college.
  • May get double credit in high school for your college course. Check with your high school counselors/teachers for your school policy.
  • Transition more easily from high school to college since you already know what a college course is like.
  • May be able to transfer some credits to California State Universities too.
  • Make educated career choices with the help of counselors, teachers, parents and industry/business representatives.