Career Technical Education

What is articulation?

Articulation is the process of reviewing curriculum offered at two different institutions to determine if they are equivalent in order to grant credit for the course taken at one institution by the other institution.

In the case of Tech Prep, articulation results in college credit being granted for coursework taken by students in High School, ROP or Adult Ed by a Post Secondary institution after careful review of the curriculum offered in the secondary institution.  The course outline of the secondary institution is reviewed by the faculty of the post secondary institution for the objectives/goals, standards, textbook, assessment methods and final exam.   The course in the high school must have the same objectives/goals, standards, assessment tools as the course in the college. The textbook must be equivalent, if not the same.  Articulation means that the coursework taken by students in high school, ROP or Adult Ed is recognized as equivalent to the college course offered by the Post Secondary institution.  This is called course-to-course articulation.

“Credit-by-exam” is granted to the secondary student after the student successfully passes the college exam at the end of the high school course with a grade of “A” or “B”.  Based on the specific articulation agreement, the college exam may be offered by the high school faculty at the high school or by the college faculty at the college.

What is a Pathway Program to Program?

There are 15 nationally recognized Career Pathways.  The names of the pathways tend to be more general at the high school level and more specialized at the college level.  Within each pathway, there may be one or more focused programs with certificates/degrees offered at Los Medanos College.

The goal of articulation is ideally to result in a seamless transition of students from high school to college, to reduce duplication of courses, and to develop a steady pipeline of students from education to industry/business.  

High School teachers, if you are interested in articulating your courses, please visit the LMC High School Articulation webpage for more information and submit a request to articulate online. or contact: