Construction Updates


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Project Budget: $4,300,000
Funding Source: Measure A, Measure E, and Redevelopment Agency Fund
Completion Date: July 2017

The College Complex 2nd Floor Renovation project consists of converting temporary Student Services swing space used during the Student Services Building Remodel project back to instructional classroom and faculty office space. The project also includes the modernization of the existing Business Department computer labs, classroom, and offices. The project will create 9 classrooms, two of which will have the ability to be used as a computer labs or regular classrooms. The project also creates 8 faculty offices and 2 small conference rooms. Both sets of existing restrooms on the 2nd floor will also be modernized and updated to meet current ADA standards.

Construction will begin in late December/Early January 2017. All construction activity will take place between 10:00pm and 7:00am to prevent disruption of any courses offered in the College Complex.