Computer Drop-In Lab - Lab Hours

Pittsburg Campus, Core Building, Room #CO 200, Phone: (925) 473-7788

Computer Lab




Monday - Thursday
Fridays / Weekends / Holidays

CLOSED for the Spring 2022 semester

Students are encouraged to visit the CORE: Center for Academic Support (Room CO3-300), the Math lab (Room MA-107), or the Library (Room L-214). Check with staff for available hours.

Please observe the following lab policies:

  • You must be enrolled in the current semester to use the computers in the Drop-in Lab.
  • All students are to log in with their 7-digit Student ID number.
  • Computer Science / Business students doing homework have priority use of computers.
  • Food and opened beverages are NOT allowed. Capped bottles are allowed.
  • Please be considerate and mute your cell phone.
  • You will need a print card to print. Print cards can be purchased at the Drop-in Lab for
    50 cents or $1.00 (cash only). Each page costs 10 cents to print.