Course Outlines of Record

Kinesiology (KNACT, KNDN, and KINES) 

Course # Course Title
KNACT-002 Beginning Step Aerobics
KNACT-004A Beginning Pilates
KNACT-004B Intermediate Pilates
KNACT-004C Advanced Pilates
KNACT-006 Cardio and Strength Training
KNACT-008A Strength and Conditioning A
KNACT-008B Strength and Conditioning B
KNACT-009A Beginning Power Lifting
KNACT-009B Intermediate Power Lifting
KNACT-010A Beginning Circuit Training
KNACT-010B Intermediate Circuit Training
KNACT-011A Beginning Bootcamp
KNACT-011B Intermediate Bootcamp
KNACT-012 Fitness Walking
KNACT-014A Beginning Volleyball
KNACT-014B Intermediate Volleyball
KNACT-020 Cardio Dance
KNACT-025 Spin
KNACT-026A Beginning Soccer
KNACT-026B Intermediate Soccer
KNACT-028A Beginning Pickleball
KNACT-030 Tennis
KNACT-033 Cardio Kickboxing
KNACT-042 Golf
KNACT-046A Beginning Basketball
KNACT-046B Intermediate Basketball
KNACT-049 Total Body Sculpting
KNDAN-053 Introduction to Dance
KNDAN-054 Intermediate Jazz Dance
KNDAN-055 Advanced Jazz Dance
KNACT-057A Beginning Yoga for Health and Fitness
KNACT-057B Intermediate Yoga for Health and Fitness
KNACT-057C Advanced Yoga for Health and Fitness
KNACT-058 Core Strengthening
KNACT-110 Fitness Center - Training
KNACT-120 Fitness Center - Strength Training
KNACT-130 Fitness Center - Functional Fitness Training
KNACT-140 Fitness Center - Cross Training
KINES-100 Introduction to Kinesiology
KINES-105 CPR/First Aid

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