Course Outlines of Record

Music (MUSIC) 

Course # Course Title
MUSIC-001 Music Studio  1
MUSIC-002 Music Studio  2
MUSIC-003 Music Studio  3
MUSIC-005 Recital Class
MUSIC-006 Sophomore Recital Preparation
MUSIC-008 Applied Music
MUSIC-010 Music Literature
MUSIC-012 Popular Music in American Culture
MUSIC-013A Musicianship I
MUSIC-013B Musicianship II
MUSIC-014A Musicianship III
MUSIC-014B Musicianship IV
MUSIC-015 Basic Music
MUSIC-016 Music Theory I
MUSIC-017 Music Theory II: Tonal Harmony
MUSIC-018 Music Theory III: Chromatic Harmony 
MUSIC-019 Music Theory IV:  Advanced Harmony and Later Styles
MUSIC-020 Baroque Ensemble
MUSIC-030 Basic Keyboard Skills
MUSIC-030A Continuing Piano Workshop
MUSIC-031 Piano I
MUSIC-032 Piano II
MUSIC-033A Intermediate Piano 
MUSIC-033B Advanced Piano 
MUSIC-034 Jazz/Rock Keyboard
MUSIC-035 Introduction to the Guitar
MUSIC-036 Intermediate Guitar
MUSIC-037 Advanced Guitar
MUSIC-040 Concert Band I
MUSIC-041 Concert Band II
MUSIC-052 Chamber Ensembles: Emphasis Strings 
MUSIC-058 Musical Theater:  Orchestra I
MUSIC-060 College Chorus I
MUSIC-065 Class Voice
MUSIC-066 Gospel Choir
MUSIC-067 Jazz and Popular Vocal Techniques
MUSIC-068 Musical Theatre:  Vocal I
MUSIC-074 Jazz Studio from Basie through Coltrane
MUSIC-077 Chamber Chorale
MUSIC-081 Introduction to Improvisation
MUSIC-082 Intermediate Jazz/Funk/Latin Workshop
MUSIC-089 Music and Recording Industry Business
MUSIC-093 Studio Music Production I
MUSIC-094 Studio Music Production II

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