Course Outlines of Record

Mathematics (MATH) 

Course # Course Title
MATH-009N Math for Construction
MATH-004N Foundations of Arithmetic & Study Skills
MATH-012 Prealgebra
MATH-012N Prealgebra Non-Credit
MATH-020N Algebra & Arithmetic Skills
MATH-025 Elementary Algebra
MATH-025N Elementary Algebra Non-Credit
MATH-026 Plane Geometry
MATH-027 Pre-Statistics
MATH-029 Accelerated Elementary & Intermediate Algebra
MATH-030 Intermediate Algebra
MATH-110 Introduction to Statistics
MATH-140 Applied Calculus
MATH-140S Intermediate Algebra for Applied Calculus
MATH-155 Pre-Calculus
MATH-155S Intermediate Algebra for Precalculus
MATH-160 Discrete Math
MATH-210 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I

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