Course Outlines of Record

Fire Technology (FIRE) 

Course # Course Title
FIRE-101 Fire Protection Organization
FIRE-102 Fire Behavior and Combustion
FIRE-103 Fire Protection Equipment and Systems
FIRE-104 Building Construction Related to the Fire Service
FIRE-105 Fundamentals of Fire Prevention
FIRE-106 Physical Fitness for Public Safety Personnel
FIRE-107 Firefighter Safety and Survival
FIRE-120 Firefighter 1 Academy
FIRE-121 Firefighter 1 Capstone Skills Certificate Testing
FIRE-123 Company Officer 2A: Human Resource Management
FIRE-124 Company Officer 2B: General Administration Functions
FIRE-125 Company Officer 2C: Fire Inspections and Investigations
FIRE-126 Company Officer 2D: All Risk Command Operations
FIRE-127 Company Officer 2E: Wildland Incident Operations
FIRE-130 Advanced Fire Academy

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