Course Outlines of Record

Electrical/Instrumentation Technology (ETEC) 

Course # Course Title
ETEC-004 Introduction to Electrical Technology
ETEC-009 ETEC Mathematics
ETEC-010 Direct Current Circuits
ETEC-012 Alternating Current Circuits
ETEC-020 Electric Motor Control
ETEC-022 Semiconductor Devices
ETEC-024 Digital Devices
ETEC-030 Programmable Logic Controllers
ETEC-032 Instrumentation and Process Measurement
ETEC-034 Instrument Calibration Laboratory
ETEC-040 National Electric Code
ETEC-042 Electrical Wiring Methods and Code Application
ETEC-044 Transformers and Power Distribution
ETEC-046 DC & AC Motors and Generators
ETEC-050 Instrumentation Process Control
ETEC-052 Applied Process Control Lab
ETEC-056 Codes for Instrument Application
ETEC-058 Analytical Instrumentation
ETEC-059 System Integration and Troubleshooting
ETEC-100 Introduction to Industrial Technology and Trades

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