Course Outlines of Record

English (ENGL) 

Course # Course Title
ENGL-083 Clarity and Style in Academic Writing
ENGL-085 Introduction to College Reading
ENGL-095 Accelerated Reading, Writing and Critical Thinking
ENGL-100 College Composition
ENGL-100S Support for College Composition
ENGL-101 College Composition and Critical Reading
ENGL-110 Introduction to Social Justice Studies
ENGL-111 Creative Writing
ENGL-112 Genres in Creative Writing
ENGL-113 Creative Writing: Poetry
ENGL-114 Creative Writing: Introduction to Story
ENGL-115 Creative Writing: Playwriting
ENGL-120 Introduction to Latino Literature and Its Latin American Roots
ENGL-121 Introduction to Chicano Literature
ENGL-122 California Literature
ENGL-130 Mystery and Detective Fiction
ENGL-124 Children's Literature
ENGL-127 The Mythology & Literature of Ethnic Americans
ENGL-128 Introduction to Asian-American Literature
ENGL-129 Introduction to Contemporary African-American Literature
ENGL-132 Literature of Imagination: Myths, Tales, The Short Story, and The Novel
ENGL-133 Reflections: Representations of Race, Ethnicity and Gender in Hollywood Films and Popular Fiction
ENGL-135 Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Studies
ENGL-136 Introduction to Gender Studies
ENGL-144 Hip Hop as Lit
ENGL-150 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Literature
ENGL-220 Critical Thinking
ENGL-221 Advanced Composition and Critical Thinking
ENGL-230 Thinking and Writing Critically about Literature
ENGL-240 Survey of World Literature I: Antiquity to Mid-17th Century
ENGL-245 Survey of World Literature II: Mid-17th Century to Present

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