Course Outlines of Record

Drama (DRAMA) 

Course # Course Title
DRAMA-015 Multicultural Perspectives Within Theatre
DRAMA-016 Theatre Appreciation
DRAMA-020 Principles of Acting I
DRAMA-021 Principles of Acting 2
DRAMA-022 Principles of Voice for Acting
DRAMA-023 Principles of Improvisation and Movement
DRAMA-025 The Texture of Diversity:  LGBT Identity in Dramatic Art Forms
DRAMA-030 Chicano/a Mexican American Cinema: A Critical Analysis
DRAMA-040 Theatrical Stagecraft
DRAMA-041 Theatrical Design
DRAMA-050 Theatrical Production I:  Beginning Acting for Performance
DRAMA-051 Theatrical Production II: Intermediate Acting for Performance
DRAMA-060 Directing for the Stage
DRAMA-061 Directing and Collaborative Project
DRAMA-062 Directing Workshop
DRAMA-070 Film as an International Art Form
DRAMA-072 The Color of Media:  A Journey Through African American Life in film, television and Theatre

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