Course Outlines of Record

Computer Science (COMSC) 

Course # Course Title
COMSC-010 Computer Network Fundamentals
COMSC-011 Systems and Network Administration
COMSC-012 Introduction to Information Systems Security
COMSC-030 Web Site Development – Part I
COMSC-031 Web Site Development – Part II
COMSC-032 Web Site Development - Dreamweaver and Flash
COMSC-037 Help Desk Customer Technical Support
COMSC-040 Introduction to Computer and Business Information Systems
COMSC-041 Programming with Visual Basic.NET (VB.NET)
COMSC-044 Introduction to C++ Programming 
COMSC-051 Java for Programmers
COMSC-060 Information Technologies
COMSC-061 Advanced Microcomputer Applications
COMSC-091 Information & Communication Technology Essentials
COMSC-092 PC Repair A+ Prep (A+ Certification)
COMSC-110 Gaming: An Introduction
COMSC-111 Beginning Illustration and Storyboarding
COMSC-112 Gaming:  Beginning Gaming Design
COMSC-120 Computer Forensic Fundamentals
COMSC-121 Introduction to Cybersecurity - Ethical Hacking
COMSC-122 Programming Concepts & Methodologies I
COMSC-126 Introduction to Database Management Systems
COMSC-132 Programming Concepts & Methodologies II
COMSC-142 Computer Architecture and Organization

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