Course Outlines of Record

Child Development (CHDEV)


Course # Course Title
CHDEV-001 Principles and Practices of Teaching Young Children
CHDEV-010 Child Growth and Development
CHDEV-011 Techniques and Methods of  Child Observation
CHDEV-020 Child, Family, and Community
CHDEV-022 Relationship-Based Discipline Strategies for Children
CHDEV-023 Teaching Children with High Social Emotional Needs
CHDEV-025 Creative Art for Young Children
CHDEV-030 Trauma Informed Practitioner: Foundations
CHDEV-031 Trauma Informed Practitioner: Practices and Strategies
CHDEV-032 Caring for and Educating School Age Children
CHDEV-033 Developmentally & Culturally Appropriate Practice in School Age Care
CHDEV-035 Teaching Science & Math to Young Children with Hands-On Exploration
CHDEV-040 Infant and Toddler Care and Development
CHDEV-041 Developmentally Appropriate Practices for Infants and Toddlers
CHDEV-050 Teaching in a Diverse Society
CHDEV-055 Curriculum and Strategies for Children with Special Needs
  Developmentally Appropriate Practices for Children with Special Needs
CHDEV-062 Introduction to Curriculum
CHDEV-065 Health, Safety and Nutrition in Early Childhood Programs
CHDEV-083 Field Experience at Community Programs
CHDEV-090 Student Teaching Practicum in Early Childhood Education
CHDEV-092 Adult Supervision / Mentor Teacher Training
CHDEV-095 Administration of Early Childhood Programs
CHDEV-096 Staff Development and Leadership in Early Childhood Programs

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