Course Outlines of Record

Business (BUS) 

Course # Course Title
BUS-018 Introduction to Excel
BUS-019 Intermediate MS Excel
BUS-027 Small Business Management
BUS-035 Microsoft Office
BUS-035A Microsoft Word
BUS-035B Microsoft Excel
BUS-035C Microsoft PowerPoint
BUS-036 Intermediate Microsoft Office
BUS-052 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
BUS-058 Business English
BUS-056 Electronics Records Management with MS Access
BUS-059 Business Communications
BUS-091 Managing and Working in a Diverse Workforce
BUS-092 Business Ethics
BUS-093 Dealing with Difficult People
BUS-095 Developing Customer Service Satisfaction
BUS-096 Time Management and Goal Setting
BUS-109 Introduction to Business
BUS-160 Personal Finance
BUS-181 Accounting: Applied Principles
BUS-185 Computer Assisted Accounting
BUS-186 Financial Accounting
BUS-187 Managerial Accounting
BUS-294 Business Law

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