Course Outlines of Record

Automotive (AUTO) 


Course # Course Title
AUTO-037 Automotive Engine Machining 
AUTO-038 Introduction to Diesel Technology
AUTO-040 Automotive Engine Diagnosis I
AUTO-041 Automotive Engine Diagnosis II
AUTO-042 Automotive Brakes
AUTO-043 Automotive Suspension and Steering
AUTO-045 Automotive Laboratory Practice 
AUTO-047 Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning
AUTO-048 Automatic Transmission and Transaxles
AUTO-049 Manual Transmission and Differential 
AUTO-055 Clean Air Car Course + OBD II
AUTO-056 Advanced Level Smog Training
AUTO-057 Smog Update
AUTO-100 Introduction to Industrial Technology and Trades
AUTO-110 Automotive Essential Car Care
AUTO-111 Automotive Electrical Systems
AUTO-112 Engine Technology
AUTO-113 Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning
AUTO-120 Automotive Suspension and Steering
AUTO-121 Automotive Brakes
AUTO-122 Automotive Machining
AUTO-124 Electric Vehicle Technology
AUTO-130 Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles
AUTO-131 Introduction to Diesel Technology
AUTO-132 Automotive Diagnosis 1
AUTO-133 Manual Transmissions and Differentials
AUTO-140 Hybrid and Alternative Fuels Technology
AUTO-141 Advanced Diesel Technology
AUTO-142 Automotive Diagnosis 2
AUTO-143 Engine Mastery
AUTO-150 Smog Check Training Level I
AUTO-151 Smog Check Training Level 2

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