Course Outlines of Record

 Kinesiology Athletics (KNICA)

Course # Course Title
KNICA-006 Fitness for Athletic Competition
KNICA-014 Advanced Volleyball Skills for Athletes
KNICA-026 Advanced Soccer Skills for Athletes
KNICA-027 Offensive Football Skills and Conditioning
KNICA-028 Defensive Football Skills and Conditioning
KNICA-046 Advanced Basketball Skills for Athletes
KNICA-062 Advanced Baseball Skills for Athletes
KNICA-066 Advanced Softball Skills for Athletes
KNICA-076 Intercollegiate Volleyball
KNICA-077 Intercollegiate Football
KNICA-079 Intercollegiate Basketball for Men
KNICA-081 Intercollegiate Baseball
KNICA-089 Intercollegiate Soccer
KNICA-090 Intercollegiate Basketball for Women
KNICA-092 Intercollegiate Softball

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