Course Outlines of Record

Art (ART) 


Course # Course Title
ART-003 Art Studio Practice
ART-005 Visual Arts
ART-006 Art of Ancient World (Prehistoric - 350 CE)
ART-007 Medieval and Renaissance Art History (350-1550)
ART-008 Early Modern Art History (1550-1920)
ART-009 Late Modern and Contemporary Art History (1920-CE-Present)
ART-010 Introduction to Two-Dimensional Design Concepts
ART-011 Three-Dimensional Design Concepts
ART-012 Design Drawing
ART-015 Graphic Design
ART-016 Asian Art History
ART-017 American Art History
ART-018 Art of the Ancient Americas
ART-019 History of Photography
ART-020 Introduction to Drawing
ART-021 Intermediate Drawing
ART-025 Advertising, Marketing and Publication Design
ART-030 Figure Drawing
ART-032 Architectural History I: The World Before 1500CE
ART-033 Architectural History II: The World After 1500CE
ART-035 Themes in Mesoamerican Culture through Ceramics
ART-038 Introduction to Printmaking
ART-040 Introduction to Painting
ART-041 Intermediate Painting
ART-042 Introduction to Watercolor Painting
ART-043 Intermediate Watercolor Painting
ART-047 Color Theory
ART-050 Designing with Adobe InDesign
ART-054 Adobe Photoshop 
ART-057 Designing with Adobe Illustrator
ART-058 Designing for the Web
ART-060 Introductory Concepts of Sculpture
ART-061 Intermediate Concepts of Sculpture
ART-062 Introduction to Ceramic Sculpture
ART-063 Intermediate Ceramic Sculpture
ART-064 Introduction to Ceramics Through the Pottery Wheel
ART-065 Intermediate Ceramics Through the Pottery Wheel
ART-066 Introductory Hand-Built Ceramics
ART-067 Intermediate Hand-Built Ceramics
ART-072 Introduction to Digital Photography
ART-073 Location Photography
ART-074 Photo II: Developing a Personal Vision
ART-075 Documentary Photography
ART-084 Motion Graphics and Video Editing
ART-085 Introduction to Animation
ART-086 Animation and 3D Modeling
ART-250 Introduction to Digital Art

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