Appliance Service Technology

Success Stories


Mark Luis, LMC alum

Certificate of Achievement in Appliance Service Technology

"When I started at LMC, I was glad to find a fully equipped shop with many current appliances to work on. Coming from a different industry, I had to start from the ground floor. The instructors and aides worked patiently all the way until I understood it. All the major and local appliance repair companies are aware of and work with LMC's Appliance Service Technology Program so, if you really want a job and want to work, this training can take you there. BOSCH hired me before my last semester. That was three years ago and I have three BOSCH coworkers who are also LMC graduates. I like my job and I think I can do this as long as I want to."


Mike Cox


Mike Cox:

A former grocery store checker who had never repaired an appliance, Mike Cox entered the Appliance Service Technology Program thinking it might be an interesting field. He graduated in 1988 with an A.S. Degree and began working for Maytag. Six months later, he was working as a field technician. He worked his way up through the company, eventually accepting a position as a District Service Manager. He has held a variety of positions in the appliance field and says:

“Los Medanos College Appliance program is a great way to get a start in the appliance industry. I personally have seen the benefits that it can have and would recommend it to anyone who has the interest, attitude and ability.”
-Mike Cox, LMC Graduate

Mike Cox

Perry Williams:

I took the appliance course after paying "too much" to fix my whirpool washer. What I found was an escape from the dead-end grocery job I was stuck in.

Instructor Len Price taught me everything I needed to get hired on-the-spot with a local repair company. What a difference from grocery work! You can't beat the satisfaction of visiting a frustrated customer, repairing an appliance, getting a fat check and a big "Thank you!"

I dragged my two brothers into the class at Los Medanos, and now they own successful repair businesses here in Bay Area, (Domestic Appliance) and in Washington State, (Appliance Rescue). As for me, my company has become largest independent servicer in San Diego with over 35 technicians and 3.5 million dollars in annual revenue! I don't get the satisfaction of doing repairs anymore, but I do make more money! (ahh, the compromises we suffer).

If you care about people, and are proud of the work you do, then this is the industry for you! Quality technicians will always be in in huge demand!

Perry Williams
1-800-Appliance - San Diego
1-800-500-7302 - Nationwide

P.S. Hey! If you do good in class, I could hire you "on-the-spot" in Sunny San Diego!

Perry Williams