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Vision 20/20

Preparing Tomorrow's Workforce Today


Seize the opportunity!

Certificates Count: Addressing Student Completion in Career Technical Ed - 9/16

Certificates Count: Addressing Student Completion in Career Technical Education
By Julie Strawn (Senior Fellow, Center for Law and Social Policy) and Linda Collins (Executive Director, Career Ladders Project)

September 16, 2011; 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.; Library Community Room


As part of the Vision 20/20 workforce development strategic planning process at LMC, this interactive session will bring participants up-to-date on the current state and national context and focus on high-impact strategies for increasing the numbers of students who earn high-quality CTE certificates and degrees at our college. 


Certificate completion – particularly of longer term certificates – is in the spotlight.  The federal government, philanthropic organizations as well as policy leaders in California have all set ambitious goals for increasing student completion of community college certificates and degrees. This completion agenda is key to meeting employers’ increasing need for skilled workers as well as to enhancing students’ future wages and employment rates.


This session will consider practices which show promise for accelerating progress and completion, particularly for students with multiple barriers to post-secondary education. These include more intentional and structured pathways design; integration of career technical and academic education; contextualized and applied learning; more holistic student supports; and clear transition strategies. 


Attendees included: Amy Anderson (John Muir Hospital), Anthony Hailey (Administration of Justice), Ruth Goodin (Professional Development and Foundation), Melissa Jackson (Child Development), Kiran Kamath (CTE), Richard Livingston (President), Brad Nash (Business), Betty Pearman (Business), Pam Perfumo (Child Development), Gil Rodriguez (LAS), James Spagnol (Computer Science), David Wahl (Special Programs), Katalina Wethington (English, DE), Daniela Dumai (Antioch Unified School District), Tom Stewart (John Swett Careers Academy), Joe Meyer (Welding), Cecil Nasworthy (ETEC), Mike Grillo (Fire Technology), Ryan Pederson (Math, Planning Committee), Tawny Beal (Office of Instruction), Deborah Wilson (Travel Marketing), and Jasmina Hodrz (Dow Chemical Company).


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Preparing for Strategic Planning: Effective Collaboration - 10/7

    October 7, 2011; 9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Library Community Room

    Facilitated by Paul Cello and Sauda Burch, Consultants with Interaction Institute for Social Change

    (Synopsis)  A small group of 25 members from LMC are invited to this facilitated dialog on Effective Collaboration in preparation for strategic planning. 

    This facilitated dialogue will provide participants the opportunity to:

        • Enhance their collaboration skills and provide them with a toolkit of collaboration strategies
        • Train with colleagues across the campus and share a common language as the foundation for strategic planning
        • Prepare them for an interactive dialog with the community on November 18 to get a real time pulse of regional workforce needs for our programs
        • Develop a network of internal partners who will collaborate to enhance the LMC strategic plan
        • Get to know external partners in our community, business, and industry
        • Position workforce preparation at LMC for the future, and enhance student success and completion

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Preparing for Strategic Planning: Collaborating with the Community 11/18


    November 18, 2011; 8:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.; Library Community Room

    Facilitated by Sauda Burch and Paul Cello, Consultants with Interaction Institute for Social Change
    (Synopsis)  A facilitated dialog with members from our community, business and industry. This event will provide us at LMC an opportunity to listen to and dialog with business, industry, and community leaders about their employment needs and trends, challenges, and best practices. The facilitated dialog will provide you the opportunity to share your own best practices, challenges and how you overcame them in your program as you dialog with the community.  Programs will also learn from each other in the process. Collaboration and sharing of ideas and best practices between programs and units at the college was expressed as an important element in the recent steering committee meetings of the Y&H SODA Foundation Planning grant. The information you gather from this session will support a robust and informed strategic planning process on December 1 and 2, as well as strengthen the working and professional relationships between our programs and the external business community.



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Strategic Planning for Student Success 12/1 - 12/2

December 1 and 2, 2011; 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 pm

Facilitated by Sauda Burch and Paul Cello, Consultants with Interaction Institute for Social Change.

(Synopsis) Participate and collaborate with internal and external partners in this two-day workshop to develop the skills and tools to write well-developed strategic plans. End the two days with draft plans with goals, strategies, partners, action agents, and timelines to achieve your vision for your program. We will also collaboratively develop a strategic plan to create a college workforce development system with partners inside and outside the college to provide our students and our community with an exceptional learning experience.


We are all involved in planning and writing annual program review updates and comprehensive program reviews every 6 years. This strategic planning retreat will provide you with institutional time and professional development to envision with supportive partners at LMC and in our community. Each CTE program is encouraged to develop its strategic plan with all the stakeholders at the table – faculty and staff from the CTE program, faculty from Basic Skills and the Sciences, Counselors, Student Services and partners from the community


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College Assembly: Reporting back to the College 4/9/2012