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Planning Your Classes

First Semester

TRAVL-72 – Introduction to Travel (3 units)
Recommended for all new travel students.  This course will provide a survey of basic travel terms and concepts, including:  an overview of the travel industry, geography, international travel, air travel, ground transportation, accommodations, cruises and tours.  Offered every semester.

TRAVL-76 – Travel Sales and Marketing (3 units)
May be taken concurrently with, or following, TRAVL-72.  This will cover basic sales skills as they apply to the travel industry, and you will be able to practice those skills using real-life travel scenarios.  Offered once a year, usually in the fall.

TRAVL-82 – All About Cruising (3 units)
May be taken concurrently with TRAVL-72.  This comprehensive course will cover most cruise lines as well as some individual ships.  It will also review various cruise destinations and ports.  It will emphasize how to qualify clients in order to match their needs to a particular cruise.  Offered once a year, usually in the fall.

Second Semester

TRAVL-77 – Customized Vacation Planning (2 units)
TRAVL-72 recommended, or may be taken concurrently, if you have experience in the travel industry.  You’ll apply what you have learned as you plan individual, custom trips based on client scenarios.  You’ll research transportation, accommodations, and tourist activities, then put together polished itineraries and present them to your travelers.  Offered once a year, usually in the spring.

TRAVL-95 – Advanced Travel Concepts (3 units)
TRAVL-72 recommended, or may be taken concurrently, if you have experience in the travel industry.  This course will take you further into practical application of basic skills.  You’ll learn how to use the Internet to do in-depth research, and you’ll explore various options for booking travel.  We’ll talk about how to partner with suppliers and how to promote yourself and your business.  You will choose a topic of personal interest for your course project.  Guest participants from the industry will be available for questions during selected weeks.  TRAVL-95 is recommended as an elective for the Home-Based certificate.  Offered once a year, usually in the spring.

Destination Classes

Destination classes may be taken anytime. They may be used to fulfill the destination specialist requirements, and/or they may be taken as elective courses. Several destination classes are offered on a rotating basis.

  • TRAVL-72 -- North America (3 units) – usually offered in fall
  • TRAVL-75 -- Western Europe (3 units) – usually offered in spring
  • TRAVL-83 -- Hawaii (1.5 units) -- rotating
  • TRAVL-84 -- Caribbean (1.5 units) -- rotating
  • TRAVL-85 -- South Pacific (1.5 units) -- rotating
  • TRAVL-87 -- Mexico (1.5 units) -- rotating
  • TRAVL-96 -- Alaska (1.5 units) -- rotating

Other Elective Classes

Home-Based Series of Courses (.5 units each)

This series of six courses covers various aspects of setting up a Home-Based travel business.  These courses are considered elective courses for all certificates except the Home-Based Travel Specialist certificate.  Usually 2-3 courses are presented each semester on an alternating basis.  Home-based courses may also be offered during the summer session.

  • TRAVL-101 – Home-based Travel – Is it for you?
  • TRAVL-102 – Establishing a Home-based Travel Business
  • TRAVL-103 – Marketing and Promoting a HB Travel Business
  • TRAVL-104 – Resources for the HB Travel Professional
  • TRAVL-105 – Business and Financial Plans for HB Travel
  • TRAVL-106 – Home-based Travel and the Law

TRAVL-114 -- Group Travel Management (1.5 units)
This course will introduce you to the ins and outs of group travel. Prospecting, promoting, planning and pricing groups, as well as group escorting, will be discussed and researched in this course.   Offered on a rotating basis.

“900” Series Courses
These courses are offered on an “experimental” basis.  These courses may be taken as electives any time during the program.  They may be offered once, twice, and if popular, they may be converted to permanent courses.