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Transfer Academy

Your Fast-Track to Transfer!


News & Events


summer session:Newletter Cover April 2014


Summer Session starts June 16, 2014.

Remember that while we encourage you to take ONE class during the summer we do not expect you to take more than that.

Due to the nature of the summer session, each class will be squeezing 18 weeks of material and learning into 6 short weeks!

We want you to choose one class and do exceptionally well in it!


transfer academy newsletter Archive:


Click here to download the April 2014 T.A. Newsletter
















Transfer Academy kick-off

Mandatory FUN!!!

Mon., Aug. 11 and Tues., Aug. 12



summer rep visits


UC Berkeley

Drop-in Appts at Transfer Center

Wed., June 25, 10am-2:30pm

Mon., July 21, 11am-2:30pm


University of Arizona

Tabling near Cafeteria

Tues., July 15 from 1p-3p



workshop series





Club meeting

TBD for Fall 2014