“After a 25-year absence from college, returning to school was a daunting experience. However, my instructors provided insightful real work experiences, as well as the encouragement to those of us willing to re-train back into the workforce, and to those who are just starting out. These skills can take you anywhere in the world, as the demand for industrial electricians and instrumentation technicians is very high in many industries.”

- Patricia Coad
Certificate of Achievement
in Instrumentation Technology ’14
“LMC’s Nursing Program is not just a place to learn; it is a place to connect with individuals who share the same passion of touching people's lives. That is, and will forever be, the greatest lesson I've learned from LMC's nursing faculty and staff. ”

- Marc Ajero
Registered Nursing student
“My experience in LMC's journalism program allowed me to learn how to interview people and the fine art of transcribing interviews into a story. I was lucky because I had access to film equipment, and everyone was so supportive and encouraging. Being involved with the journalism program was very valuable to me. I still have friends from my time at LMC, and they are all really good people. Some are in the film industry down here in Los Angeles, and others, like the journalism faculty, are still good friends. ”

- Anthony C. Ferrante
Film director
“As a member of the LMC Honors Program I was able to engage in intellectually stimulating honors courses. I had so many supportive and inspiring professors who were always more than happy to help me with any questions I had. This fall, I will begin studies at UC Berkeley, and hope to earn my Bachelor's degree in Psychology”

- Janis Hatchl
Associate in Science for Transfer in Psychology
Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship Recipient
“As someone who never finished high school, I was somewhat intimidated to pursue a degree in Process Technology, and apprehensive towards physics, chemistry and algebra. With helpful instructors, as well as the science and math labs, I achieved good grades in the very subjects I was worried about. Not only have I gained a vast knowledge of the technical side of Process Technology, I have also sharpened my soft skills with classes like Public Speaking. I now possess the qualifications that employers are currently seeking. ”

- Tamralyn Thompson
Associate of Science in Process Technology ’14
“The instructors have vast experience in both the classroom and the field; the knowledge they share gives me the confidence to move forward with my career as a firefighter. Their enthusiasm for their profession creates excitement for what my future holds!”

- Chris Giddis
Fire Technology student
Fire Academy graduate ’11
“The most valuable thing I learned while at LMC was how to plan and carry out developmentally appropriate group times. Besides curriculum, I learned how to supply, set up, and organize a safe learning environment for children. I learned how to use conscious discipline, and gained an entirely different language while talking with children. LMC also taught me how to work with teachers, families, and communities in order to help each child grow and succeed to their fullest potential. Thanks LMC! ”

- Ashley Pate
LMC Child Development alumna
BA and Teaching Credential, Sacramento State University
Currently Teaching in Danville, CA, San Ramon Unified School District
“LMC and Dow Chemical have a strong collaborative relationship. Over the years, several LMC leaders, including the president and several senior deans, have sat on the Dow Community Advisory Panel. As well, Dow personnel regularly participate in LMC’s strategic planning sessions and program advisory panels. In 2005, Dow partnered with LMC, industry, and the Workforce Development Board to set up a Process Technology program. Dow provided an executive for a year to start-up the program, and after that successful launch, Dow worked with LMC to set up an Electrical/ Instrumentation Technology program. Dow Chemical and the surrounding industry could not ask for a better community college partner. ”

- Alan Ichikawa
Organizational Effectiveness Leader The Dow Chemical Company Pittsburg Site
“I am deeply indebted to the faculty and staff for providing me with a phenomenal education that has opened up opportunities that I initially thought improbable. My recent acceptance into medical school is a testament to the nurturing atmosphere at the Los Medanos College Science Lab which greatly eased my transition from Uganda to the USA.”

- Enock Teefe
Associate of Science in Math and Biological Science ’08
Bachelor of Science, Bioengineering, University of California, Los Angeles
Recently admitted to Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University
“Community colleges like Los Medanos are a great choice for people who, like myself, do not really have a whole lot of money to spare. Los Medanos offered me a great opportunity to take most of my lower division classes at an affordable rate, saving me thousands of dollars that I would otherwise be spending at a university. Not only that, it was close to my family and friends, it was just a smart choice for me. ”

- Denia Troxell
Associate of Science, Biological Sciences ’09
Associate of Arts, Liberal Arts '09 (3):
Arts & Humanities, Behavioral Science & Social Science, Math and Science ’09
Bachelor of Science, Plant Science, University of California, Davis
Currently working for Bayer Crop Science ’14