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LMC Clubs & Activities

promoting campus pride


LMC Student Club List

Take the lead




ALLIES, Los Medanos College's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Alliance, provides information, support and community for gay, lesbian, bi, trans, queer and questioning people in the LMC area, and for their straight family and friends. ALLIES meetings and events offer a safe, friendly and inclusive place and time for our community to convene. > Website

Chad Kelsey


Jeffrey Mitchell-Matthews


AGS (Alpha Gamma Sigma) 


To provide support, information, and community for gay, lesbian, bi, trans, and questioning people in the LMC community, and for their straight family and friends. ALLIES meetings and events offer a safe, friendly and inclusive place and time for our community to convene. We are open to all members of the LMC Community.
> School website > Club website

Daniel Williamson


Letta Greene


AMSA (American Medical Student Association)


To inform and expose pre-medical students to the medical education process.  Also, to promote and maintain programs that enhance community healthcare.


Christina Esparza Lizarde


Danielle Liubicich




To bring together students who enjoy qualities of Japanese pop-culture such as anime, manga, music, video games, and art. 



Jamila Stewart



The Art Club


The purpose is to create a sanctuary for inspiring artist populated by other people who share the same dream: to live a life full of art. Being apart of this sort of environment would provoke improvement, create connections, and provide supplies for artistic individuals in need.


Micah Judah


Eric Sanchez


Believer's Love World Campus Fellowship


Believer's Loveworld Campus Fellowship is a place where we share God’s Love, where you meet people who love God and have dedicated their lives to making a change in their world. Our Vision is to motivate people for action towards a brighter and greater future and to help them bring out the success that lies within.

Lamonte Curtis Jr.


Scott Cabral


Circle K


Circle K is the largest collegiate community service, leadership development, and friendship organization in the world. Circle K 's motto, is "We Build." Circle K provides constructive opportunities for students to become involved on their campuses and communities through service work to others in need. 

Roberto Ruiz


Justin Nogarr


Engineering Technology (E.T.)


Haoran Xu



Jeanne Bonner



E Sports at LMC


To provide a safe and fun environment for new and current League of Legends players. To encourage and spread the love and passion of the game to the student of Los Medanos College. Also, to connect students and players through fellowship of the League.  


Arion Choice



 Dabney Lyons





To enrich the community with intellectual and artistic activities, providing mentor and tutoring programs to all LMC students, and serving the community through outreach programs. > School website


Daniel Williamson



Jennifer Saito


LMCAS (Los Medanos College Associated Students)


Dedicated to the proposition that students must be included in the making of decisions that affects them.  Also, enhancing the quality and scope of education at LMC by bridging the gap between the students and faculty.   > School website


Israel Castro



John Nguyen



LMC Dance Team


To bring spirit to LMC events and student body, provide halftime shows at sporting events, bring people together who have a passion for dancing, and to be role models and a positive image for Los Medanos College.


Miranda Hughes



Tara Sanders & Chris Shipe & Ashley Adams



LMC Debate Society



Taylor Gonzalez



Marie Arcidiacono



LMC Veterans Club

The purpose and objective of the LMC Veterans Club is to provide information, resources, and comradery to veterans and service members of the U.S. military attending Los Medanos College. LMC Student Veterans Club will provide a central point for veterans' resources on campus and create a strong veteran community that actively welcomes new veterans into our ranks.


Justin Kerns



Reginald Turner



R.E.A.D. (Reading and Education Advance Dreams)


Because reading and education can help share dreams, develop and achieve goals, and open new futures for communities through individuals and families, we wish to promote both reading and education in the Los Medanos community.

Tammy Smith


James Spagnol


Registered Nursing class of 2016


To uphold and expand a reputation of clinical and academic excellence. 


Ronimar Jessicacris Panugaling


Joanne Bent



Registered Nursing class of 2017


To build the presence of participation of the Latino student population at LMC.  Dedicated to the enhancement of the educational experience of fellow students.  

Acela Vergara


Joanne Bent



Rotaract Club


To provide opportunities for personal development through improved relationships and community building.


Deanna Rundall


Christine Kromer & Dave Wahl




To learn from one another and grow skills through practicing and honing the art of improvisation. We hope to learn from each other's style, experience and improve skill levels, while maintaining an equal level of integrity and respect for oneself and fellow players. > Club website



Sergio Ramirez


Nick Garcia



Student Nursing Association


To promote awareness of current public health issues, encourage safety in the community, and additional information that current and prospective nursing students will find useful in current and future education.


Matt Williams



Colin McDowell


S.A.C.H.E. (Students with Abilities to Coordinate to Help Each Other)


To add a social dimension to the Disabled Student Program and Services (DSPS) at LMC.  Also, to help students get through their academic career with support and needed resources.  





Jennifer Garcia



S.T.A.R.s (Student Transfer Achievement Representatives)


We, the STARS of the Transfer Program, in Fall of Two-Thousand Thirteen, create this Constitution to further expand the leadership of the Transfer Programs. As well as build the future leaders of the World, and unite the bright minds within these Programs; and to spread the ideas and philosophies of Transfer throughout the World.


Darren Meeks



Rachel Anicetti & Kristin Conner



Student Vocational Nurses Club (LVN Club)


The purpose of the club is to uphold the standards of our predecessors by continuing in the established traditions set forth by previous vocations nursing student charters: Healthcare oriented; Community Outreach; Positive Image for LVN students on campus; Job & Community Networking.

Alyssa Fumar


Patrice Moore



ULC (Umoja Leadership Collective)

To encourage, develop and strengthen the leadership skills of students – especially students of African descent and in the Umoja Scholars Program – and to positively impact the communities of these students.


Angela Lee



Jamila Stewart


Black Student Union

The Black Student Union will serve as an organization that fosters student development through diversity, academics, and social services. We will commit to establishing partnerships with other Eastern Illinois University organizations with enthusiasm. Take a proactive role in the development of strong student leadership.



Danielle Brown



Ballet Folklorico de Los Medanos
Beauty Empowerment Club
Chem Club
Club of the Living Dead
Gathered Students for Business
International Student Club
La Raza
LDS Institute
Leadership Organization of Undocumented Dreamers
LMC Football Club
LMC Students for a Democratic Society 
Meditation Empowerment Club
Mighty Mustangs Friends for Fitness
Muslim Student Association
Mustangs for Life: Voices for the Unborn 
Rythm of the World
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
United Latino Scholars
Writers Guild

* These clubs are currently inactive and not chartered. If you are interested in reactivating and chartering one of these clubs, please contact the Student Life Office.


All clubs can be contacted by writing to:

Los Medanos College
(insert the specific club name)
Office of Student Life
2700 E. Leland Road
Pittsburg CA 94565.

Call (925) 473-7554 for more information.