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Q*Spot: LMC's LGBT Center


Information and support for the LMC community

Gay Peace SignQ*Spot, LMC’s LGBT Center, offers information and support to the LMC community on issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity. Q*Spot sponsors a collection in the LMC library featuring fiction, poetry and drama by LGBT people, biographies of famous LGBT people, and books addressing LGBT history, the coming out-process, religion and LGBT people, LGBT civil rights, and other issues. We also have a selection of LGBT-themed films available for check-out. In addition, Q*Spot provides referral information for outside resources, including counseling and support groups for LGBT youth. Q*Spot works to ensure that all members of the LMC community are valued and served with dignity and respect, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, and provides a safe and supportive place for LGBT people to meet at LMC.  


* LGBT:   Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender


Q Spot is located in room CC1-117.
For information call (925) 473-7861, or emaillgbt@losmedanos.edu


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