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STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

A pipeline from high school, through LMC, and into four-year colleges and universities


Student support


STEM Students have access to a wide range of student support on campus. Please visit the links below to find out what each area offers.




Web: http://www.losmedanos.edu/counseling/

Contact: Marco Godinez

STEM/MESA counselor
Email: mgodinez@losmedanos.edu


The Counseling Department assists students in planning their educational path, providing graduation requirement guidance, transfer options, and may also assist with personal concerns. Call (925) 473-7449 or click HERE to make an appointment at the Pittsburg campus. Appointments for the Brentwood Center can be made in person, by calling (925) 513-1625, or by clicking HERE.



Make an appointment soon.


Web: http://www.losmedanos.edu/mesa/

Contact: Nicole Trager

MESA director

Email: ntrager@losmedanos.edu

Phone: (925) 473-7685


The MESA program provides academic support for educationally and economically underserved students so they can excel in math and science. Services include peer tutoring, workshops, academic counseling, internships, and scholarships. The MESA center is located in the Science Building, second level, room 202.





Mesa Student

Student Clubs

Web: http://www.losmedanos.edu/studentservices/clubs/default.asp

Contact: Jamila Stewart

Student Life Coordinator

Email: jastewart@losmedanos.edu


LMC offers a range of extracurricular activities that provide recreation, entertainment and other ways students can get involved with their school and community. Joining a club (or two) can enhance your knowledge and experience in just about any field of study or subject. Being part of a club allows you to meet and network with other students who have the same interests as you. For more information call (925) 473-7554 or visit the Student Life Office in the GA Building.


Student Clubs at LMC

Web: http://www.losmedanos.edu/transfer/default.asp

Phone: (925) 473-7444


Students who need assistance figuring out how and where to transfer, should visit the Transfer Center located in the new Student Services Center, 4th floor, room 435. The Transfer Center offers plenty of services, including university rep visitations and appointments, university tours, transfer coaching and counseling, career advising, and workshops on various topics. Click HERE for more information.




Transfer Services


Web: http://www.losmedanos.edu/core/

Phone: (925) 473-7590


LMC's Center for Academic Support provides an array of tutoring services to students wishing to strengthen their academic skills in multiple disciplines. Services include Peer tutoring, "The Professor is in!", Online consultation, writing resources, and workshops. Sign up for tutoring in room CO-300.





Tutoring at the Core



Web: http://www.losmedanos.edu/Groups/Math/default.asp

Phone: (925) 473-7662


LMC Math tutors assist students who need extra help with their Math assignments. Students enrolled in math, statistics, science, or any other courses involving mathematics are welcome to drop in for math tutoring whenever questions or difficulties arise. The Math lab is located in the Math Building, room MA 102. Brentwood students can also receive tutoring at the Brentwood Center in room 15.




Math tutor with student


Web: http://www.losmedanos.edu/mesa/center.asp

Phone: (925) 473-7683


LMC’s MESA center not only supports students in the MESA program, but all LMC students taking Transfer Level Science and Math Course. The MESA Center Provides Science and Math Tutoring, Group Study Tables, Quiet Study Rooms, Textbook Checkout, Calculator Checkout, Whiteboard Checkout, Molecular Model Checkout, Lunch Room with Fridge and Microwave, Workshops and Events aimed at STEM majors.