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Short Term Schedule of Classes

The document below is for planning purposes. Please see a counselor for assistance in selecting appropriate courses for your education plan.





Below is a list of short term classes. Note the section # and check the online schedule for class availability and waitlist information. Then register through InSite/WebAdvisor.



COUNS-034 College Success 2/3-3/10
EMS-014 Healthcare Provider CPR 2/4-2/4
RNURS-001 Nursing Career Seminar 2/4-2/4
TRAVL-077 Customized Vacation Planning 2/6-5/5
ENGL-082 Building a College Vocabulary 2/6-5/16
ENGL-083 Sentence Skills for College Writing 2/6-5/16
COUNS-034 College Success 2/7-3/16
ENGL-927 Introduction to College Reading 2/8-5/3
EMS-011 Emergency Medical Technician I Recertification 2/11-3/4
COUNS-033 Transfer Planning 2/13-3/20
BUS-092 Business Ethics 2/25-3/18
BUS-093 Dealing with Difficult People 2/25-3/18
CHDEV-092 Adult Supervision / Mentor Teacher Training 2/25-4/1
RNURS-001 Nursing Career Seminar 2/25-2/25
COUNS-032 Career Development 2/27-5/8


COUNS-030 Orientation to College 3/1-4/19
COUNS-030 Orientation to College 3/1-5/5
VONUR-905 IV Therapy/Blood Withdrawal 3/4-3/25
COUNS-032 Career Development 3/6-5/1
COUNS-032 Career Development 3/6-5/8
COUNS-030 Orientation to College 3/7-4/20
PTEC-027 Applied Instrument Analysis 3/11-5/13
EMS-014 Healthcare Provider CPR 3/18-3/18
PHYS-038 General College Physics Calculus Supplement II 3/20-5/22
PTEC-060 Industrial Technology Career Preparation 3/20-5/22
ATH-027 Offensive Football Skills and Conditioning 3/20-5/26
ATH-028 Defensive Football Skills and Conditioning 3/20-5/26
BUS-035A Microsoft Word 3/20-5/26
COMSC-011 Introduction to Network Operating Systems 3/20-5/26
COMSC-012 Introduction to Network Security 3/20-5/26
COMSC-049 Computer Literacy 3/20-5/26
TRAVL-083 Hawaii Destination Specialist 3/20-5/26
TRAVL-096 Alaska Destination Specialist 3/20-5/26
COUNS-030 Orientation to College 3/21-5/11
COMSC-092 PC Repair - A + Prep (A+ Certification) 3/21-5/23
PTEC-012 Petrochemical Safety, Health, and Environment 3/21-5/23
COUNS-030 Orientation to College 3/21-5/25
COUNS-032 Career Development 3/21-5/25
MATH-060 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II 3/21-5/25
PTEC-035 Process Technology II - Systems 3/21-5/25
PTEC-048 Process Troubleshooting 3/21-5/25
COUNS-030 Orientation to College 3/21-5/25
PHYS-038 General College Physics Calculus Supplement II 3/22-5/24
COUNS-030 Orientation to College 3/27-5/10
ETEC-024 Digital Devices 3/27-5/24
ETEC-012 Alternating Current Circuits 3/27-5/25
MATH-060 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II 3/27-5/26


COUNS-030 Orientation to College 4/10-5/19
COUNS-033 Transfer Planning 4/11-5/18
AUTO-056 Advanced Level Smog Training 4/14-4/29
EMS-014 Healthcare Provider CPR 4/15-4/15
COUNS-906 Educational Planning 4/27-4/27
COUNS-906 Educational Planning 4/29-4/29


AUTO-057 Smog Update 5/5-5/13
CHDEV-076 Introduction to Foster Parenting 5/6-5/20
COUNS-906 Educational Planning 5/12-5/12
COUNS-906 Educational Planning 5/16-5/16




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