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Major Roadmaps

Simplifying the path


welding Technology


This Roadmap is provided as a SAMPLE GUIDE showing what a full-time student's schedule MAY look like. There is no guarantee that all classes will be offered each semester or that classes will have space available. You must meet all prerequisite requirements prior to registering for a class.

Consult with a Los Medanos Counselor for help planning your schedule. Visit the Welding website for more information about this program.


Degrees and Certificates:


Summer year 1   Fall year 1   Spring year 1
  4 unitsWELD - 015     4 unitsWELD - 010   3 unitsWELD - 020
        4 unitsWELD - 011   3 unitsWELD - 031
        3 unitsENGLISH - 095 or higher   3 unitsWELD - 040
        3 - 5 unitsMATH - 012    


Summer year 2



Fall year 2


Spring year 2

  1 unitsWELD - 016     2 unitsWELD - 021   2 unitsWELD - 041
        2 unitsWELD - 033   2 unitsWELD - 043
        3 unitsWELD - 035    
        4 unitsCOMSC 040 or 049    


Certificate of Achievement in Welding: 36.5 - 39Units


AS in Welding - 60 Units


Note: Some classes are offered both day and night. See class schedule for
exact times.


*Required for Pre-Apprenticeship, highly recommended for all students. Students can alternatively meet this requirement by taking the LMC math assessment and placing into MATH-025 or 030.


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Welding Program

Careers in Welding

LMC's Welding Technology program prepares students for great careers with a comprehensive program with up-to-date equipment in our hands-on lab. Learn different types of welding such as arc, oxyacetylene, TIG, MIG, and FCA welding; and learn how to read blueprints. Welders can work in a variety of places including an oil platform in the ocean, shipyards, power plants, refineries, manufacturing plants or operating their own welding shop.


Welding Salary Averages in California:

Welders, Cutters and Welder Fitters: $11.06 - $30.35/hour and up

Information gathered by Career One Stop (www.careerinfonet.org) which is sponsored by the Department of Labor, 2012

Associate's Degree or Certificate of Achievement

The Certificate of Achievement requires completion of 24 units of coursework listed above.


The Associate of Science Degree requires completion of 24 units of coursework within the major, plus completion of LMC's general education and additional classes to total 60 units.