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Major Roadmaps

Simplifying the path




This Roadmap is provided as a SAMPLE GUIDE showing what a full-time student's schedule MAY look like. There is no guarantee that all classes will be offered each semester or that classes will have space available. You must meet all prerequisite requirements prior to registering for a class.



Please check the LMC Catalog and consult with an LMC Counselor. This program is designed to prepare students to transfer to a California State University and complete a Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology or Physical Education. For students interested in obtaining an Associate Degree in Journalism, visit the Kinesiology Department Website for more information.


Degrees and Certificates:

Fall   Spring    
  3 unitsPE-100     4 unitsMATH-034**    
  5 unitsBIOSC-040     5 unitsBIOSC-045    
  4-5 unitsCHEM-025 (preferred) or 007**     1 unitPE Elective*    
  1 unitPE Elective*     3 unitsPE-067    
        3 unitsGE/Electives    


Fall year 2



Fall year 2

  4 unitsPHYS-015 or 035**     16 unitsGE/Electives    
  4 unitsBIOSC-010**          
  3 unitsPE-105          
  1 unitPE Elective*          
  3 unitsGE/Electives          

AA-T in Kinesiology
60 Units



* Movement based courses: Select a maximum of one(1) course from any three (3) of the following areas for a maximum of three (3) units:


Aquatics: PE 017

Combative: PE 033

Dance: PE 053

Fitness: PE 004, 008, 010 or 057

Individual Sports: PE 030 or 042

Team Sports: 014, 026, or 046


** Must take at least two (2) of the following: MATH-034, BIOSC-010, CHEM-025 or 007, and PHYS-015 or 035. All classes meet CSU transfer requirements, and all except CHEM-007 meet IGETC requirements, so you may take more than two and some will double-count towards major and transfer requirements.




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Kinesiology program


Careers in Kinesiology

The Associate of Science in Kinesiology for Transfer prepares students to transfer tot a 4 year college to pursue a baccalaureate degree in Kinesiology or Physical Education.  This major will introduce students to many areas of study including health and fitness, physical education, therapeutic/sport medicine, and coaching/sport  instruction.  Curriculum in this degree will also provide coursework necessary to prepare students for national certifications in the health/fitness industry such as personal training, group fitness instructor, and lifestyle/weight management consultant.


Kinesiology Jobs Salary Averages in California:

Physical Therapist: $30.76 - $55.08/hour

Coach or Scout: $20,400 - $70,800/year (hourly rate unavailable)

Athletic Trainer: $26,600 - $72,300/year (hourly rate unavailable)

Fitness Trainers: $10.22 - $34.83/hour

Information gathered by Career One Stop (www.careerinfonet.org) which is sponsored by the Department of Labor, 2013


AA-T Degree

To achieve the Associate in Arts in Kinesiology for Transfer students must complete 24-25 units of  Kinesiology degree major emphasis requirements, fulfill requirements of either the CSU-General Education or The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC), complete 60 semester units college transfer level units, and obtain a minimum grade point average of 2.0. (students must earn a “C” or better in all courses required in the major  area of emphasis).