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Major Roadmaps

Simplifying the path




This Roadmap is provided as a SAMPLE GUIDE showing what a full-time student's schedule MAY look like. There is no guarantee that all classes will be offered each semester or that classes will have space available. You must meet all prerequisite requirements prior to registering for a class.

Please check the LMC Catalog and consult with an LMC Counselor. Visit the Journalism Department Website for more information.


Degrees and Certificates:

Fall   Spring  
  3 unitsENGL-100 (Part of GE)     1 unitJOURN-015A or 016A**  
  3 unitsJOURN-110     3 unitsJOURN-130  
  3 unitsJOURN Elective*     3 unitsJOURN Elective*  
  6 unitsGE/Electives     9 unitsGE/Electives  


Fall year 2



Fall year 2

  1 unitJOURN-015B or 016B**     1 unitJOURN-015C or 016C**  
  3 unitsJOURN-131     3 unitsJOURN-035  
  12 unitsGE/Electives     9 unitsGE/Electives  

AA in Journalism - 60 Units




* Select a minimum of 6 units of Journalism electives. See list in the catalog or consult a counselor.


** Students must take a total of 3 units from the 15ABC and/or 16ABC sequences. The classes don't have to all be from one sequence but do have to be in sequential order. Classes from the 15 series may be taken in the same semester as classes from the 16 series (example: Semester 1: 15A. Semester 2: 15B and 16A)



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Journalism program


Careers in Journalism

Los Medanos College offers a variety of journalism courses to prepare you for a writing and editing career. The publishing industry is undergoing rapid and profound technological changes, and the Journalism Program at LMC is seeking to keep pace. Through grants over the past few years we have acquired new Macintosh computers and a large-scale printer, as well as digital still and video cameras. Many students who honed their talents-writers, editors, photographers, paginators and graphic artists-on the college newspaper now work at the Brentwood News, Concord Transcript and Contra Costa Times as a result of their publication experience at LMC.


Journalism Salary Averages in California:

Editor: $15.96 - $50.08/hour

Court Reporter: $18.10-$50.83/hour

Photographer: $9.27 - $46.60/hour


Information gathered from onetonline.org which is sponsored by the Department of Labor, 2014


Associate in Arts for Transfer Degree and Associate of Arts Degree

This two year program of study leads to transfer to a four year college where students can continue their education and pursue a journalism or communication major. It can also prepare students desiring a more immediate entry into the work force for an entry level position with a community newspaper or other media organization.


For students following either pathway, the program provides practical training for careers in print and online journalism, broadcasting, advertising and public relations.


For the Associate of Art Degree in Journalism, complete 21 units of coursework listed above as well as the General Education requirements. Consult with a Los Medanos College counselor to develop your education plan.