Appliance Service Technology


This Roadmap is provided as a SAMPLE GUIDE showing what a full-time student's schedule MAY look like. There is no guarantee that all classes will be offered each semester or that classes will have space available. You must meet all prerequisite requirements prior to registering for a class.


Consult with a Los Medanos Counselor for help planning your schedule. Visit the Appliance Service Technology website for more information about this program.


Degrees and Certificates:

  • Associate of Science Degree in Appliance Service Technology
  • Certificates of Achievement in Appliance Service Technology
    • Appliance Technician I - Primarily an Evening Program: Leads to entry-level or Trainee positions
    • Appliance Technician II - Primarily a Daytime Program:Leads to entry-level positions with
      support for rapid transition to field technician level
Fall   Spring   summer  
  3-4 unitsAPPLI-023 or 025     3-4 unitsAPPLI-013 or 015   2 unitsACREF-045*  
  APPLI-031 or 030 1 unit     1-5 unitsAPPLI-021 or 020   GE/ELECTIVES (AS only) 3-5 units  
  .5 unitsAPPLI-046*     GE/Electives (AS only) 7 units      
  GE/Electives (AS only) 11 units            


Fall year 2



Fall year 2

  3-4 unitsAPPLI-024 or 026     3-4 unitsAPPLI-014 or 016      
  APPLI-037 or 035 1 unit     1-5 unitsAPPLI-038 or 036      
  GE/Electives (AS only) 11 units     GE/Electives (AS only) 7 units      

Certificate of Achievement in Appliance Service:
Technician I: 18.5 Units

Technician II: 36 Units


AS in Appliance Service
60 Units


* These classes are only required for Technician I or AS Degree


Technician I classes: APPLI-013. 014, 021, 023, 024, 031, 037, 038, 046,
and ACREF-045


Technician II classes: APPLI-015, 106, 020, 025, 030, 020, 035, and 036


AS Degree:

Students may choose either class from the following pairs:

APPLI-013 or 015

APPLI-014 or 016

APPLI-023 or 025

APPLI-024 or 026




...and the following one (1) unit lab classes:






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Careers in Appliance Service

The program in Appliance Service Technology offers instruction for two career options. The Appliance Technician I option prepares students for entry-level positions as appliance installers or shop technician trainees. Students selecting the Appliance Technician II option will be prepared for entry-level positions in the appliance service field, with sufficient back-ground to support a rapid transition to the field technician level.


The job outlook for appliance technicians is very good, especially for those with the right training. There is a serious shortage of skilled appliance service technicians. LMC graduates work for repair companies, appliance manufacturers and retailers. Many have advanced to management positions, moved into sales and marketing or started their own appliance repair business.


Appliance Salary Averages in California:

Home appliance repairer: $12.12 - $29.92/hour

HVAC Mechanic and Installer: $15.17 - $36.69/hour

Information gathered from which is sponsored by the Department of Labor, 2014

Associate of Science Degree, Certificate of Achievement
and College Skills Certificate

The Associate of Science Degree in Appliance Service Technology, complete the coursework listed above as well as the LMC General Education requirements. Consult with a Los Medanos College counselor to develop your education plan.


The Certificate of Achievement in Appliance Service Technology, complete the coursework listed above.


The College Skills Certificate in Appliance Service Technology, complete the 14.5 units of coursework listed above.