Administration of Justice


This Roadmap is provided as a SAMPLE GUIDE showing what a full-time student's schedule MAY look like. There is no guarantee that all classes will be offered each semester or that classes will have space available. You must meet all prerequisite requirements prior to registering for a class.



Consult with a Los Medanos Counselor for help planning your schedule. Visit the Administration of Justice website for more information about this program. Students that are interested in the Law Enforcement Academy can find information here.


Degrees and Certificates:

  • Associate of Science Degree in Administration of Justice
  • Certificate of Achievement:
    • ADJUS 110, 120, 122, 140, 160, 220
  • College Skills Certificates:
    • Criminal Investigations Specialist: ADJUS-110, 120, 124, 140 and ART 072
    • Criminal Law Specialist: ADJUS-110, 120, 122, 160, 220
Fall     Spring    
  3 unitsADJUS-110       3 unitsADJUS-120    
  12 unitsGE/Electives (AS only)       3 unitsADJUS-220    
          3 unitsADJUS-122 (For Criminal Investigation) ARROW  
          ADJUS 160 Community & Justice System (Not needed for Criminal Investigation)3 units   Certificate in Criminal Law
          6 unitsArt 072 Into to photography (For Criminal Investigation or GE)    


Fall year 2



Fall year 2

  3 unitsADJUS-124 (only for Criminal Investigation)       3 unitsADJUS-140 (Not required for AS) ARROW Certificate in Criminal Investigation and Certificate of achievement
  ADJUS Electives* (AS only) 6 units       GE/Electives (AS only) 15    
  GE/Electives (AS only)12 units            

AS in Administration
of Justice - 60 Units



*(May not be transferrable to universities - please see a counselor)



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Administration of Justice Careers

The Administration of Justice program prepares students for entry-level positions in criminal justice and for transfer to the California State Universities. There are three components in administration of justice-law enforcement the court system and corrections. Law enforcement is the gateway function and includes police, sheriffs and federal law enforcement agencies. The court system is responsible for adjudicating crimes as presented by the prosecutor. The courtroom work group includes the judge, the attorneys, bailiffs, court clerks and court reporters. Corrections which comprise incarceration and community-based corrections include custody officers, probation and parole officers, program counselors and other rehabilitative services.


Administration of Justice Salary Averages in California:

Detectives and Criminal Investigators: $31.22 - $62.08/hour

Police Officer: $26.98 - $54.08/hour

Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists: $24.26 - $48.53/hour

Criminal Investigators and Special Agents: $31.22 - $62.08/hour

Information gathered from which is sponsored by the Department of Labor, 2014


Associate in Science for Transfer, Certificate of Achievement and College Skills Certificates

The Administration of Justice department at Los Medanos College offers an Associate of Science for Transfer Degree which can be completed in 2 to 3 years by a full-time student.

The Associate in Science in Administration of Justice for Transfer requires:

  • Completion of 60 semester units that are eligible for transfer to the California State University, including both of the following:
    • The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) or the California State University General Education Breadth requirements.
    • A minimum of 18 semester units in the Administration of Justice major.
  • Obtainment of a minimum grade point average of 2.0
  • Earning a C or better in all courses required for the Administration of Justice major.

Students choosing to transfer are strongly encouraged to see an LMC Counselor since four year college requirements vary widely and are subject to change.


The Certificate of Achievement in Administration of Justice includes the core curriculum of the Associate of Science Degree and may be completed by a full-time student in two semesters. The Certificate of Achievement in Criminal Investigations and in Criminal Law may be completed in two semesters each by full-time student.


The College Skills Certificate in Administration of Justice consists of a six unit course; Basic Law Enforcement Academy Module III.