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Mathematics Roadmap



Mathematics 2-year roadmap for Transfer/A.S.


This Roadmap is provided as a SAMPLE GUIDE showing what a full-time student's schedule MAY look like. There is no guarantee that all classes will be offered each semester or that classes will have space available. You must meet all prerequisite requirements prior to registering for a class.

Follow this roadmap to transfer to a four-year university in a Mathematics major. This is a sample schedule for planning your classes, but should be individualized for specific majors and universities.


Students may also complete the A.S. degree in Mathematics by completing this plan. Consult with a Los Medanos Counselor for help in planning your schedule. Visit the Mathematics website for more information and descriptions of math classes and prerequisites.


Fall year 1   Spring year 1   Summer year 1
  4 unitsMATH-050     4 unitsMATH-060   3 unitsGE or SPEECH-110
  3 unitsENGLISH-100     3 unitsENGLISH-220 or 221**    
  4 unitsPHYS-015 or CHEM-006*     4 unitsPHYS-040***    
  3 unitsGE     3 unitsGE    


Fall year 2



Spring year 2


Summer year 2

  4 unitsMATH-070     3 unitsMATH-075   3 unitsInternship or GE
  4-5  unitsCHEM-025 or
PHYS- 041***
    3 unitsMATH-080    
  3-4 unitsCOMSC/ENGIN ***     4 unitsPHYS-042    
  3 unitsGE     6 unitsGE    

31-35 units per year


61-63 total units



Please check with your LMC Counselor and www.assist.org to modify the plan for you.


*Take these classes only if you have not completed classes in Chemistry or Physics in high school.


**The Mathematics major at UC Berkeley requires English-230 and two or three semesters of a foreign language (if three years of a foreign language were not completed in high school), if IGETC will not be completed. Please check with your LMC Counselor and www.assist.org.


***Some universities require physics, chemistry, statistics, or programming/engineering classes for the Mathematics major, and some don't. Please check with your LMC Counselor and www.assist.org.


GE = CSUGE or IGETC classes selected from Arts & Humanities, Sciences, or Social & Behavioral Sciences, or other areas as needed. Please consult with your LMC Counselor or a university representative.


This plan is for full-time students who can study 28-32+hrs. every week outside of class. For successful completion, this plan will require your commitment and excellent time management skills.


Planning for transfer is a complex process. Please consult with your LMC Counselor, professors in your major classes, and university representatives every semester.


These plans do not guarantee acceptance to a university – other factors such as strength of academic preparation and related experience are also important.                           



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