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Roadmaps by Major

Simplifying the path


sample course requirements by program

Wondering what classes you need to take to obtain an associate's Degree or a certificate from Los Medanos College? Want to know how quickly a full-time student can finish a particular program? Take a look at these road maps and find the answers. If you are interested in Transferring to a four-year college, please see the note below. Please note that these are SAMPLE GUIDES only. There is no guarantee that all classes will be offered each semester or that classes will have space available.


Refer to the catalog for complete information and meet with an LMC Counselor on a regular basis to make sure your educational plans are on track. Visit the degrees and certificates page for a full list of what LMC has to offer.


Transfer Students: IMPORTANT - Only the road maps that say they are for Transfer will provide you with the correct pathway to transfer to a UC or CSU. Be sure to follow the General Education requirements for IGETC (or CSU if you know that you are definitely going to a CSU). Following the AA GE requirements will NOT prepare you for transfer! Please check on www.assist.org and consult with your LMC Counselor or a university representative. For information regarding the transfer process please visit the pathways to transfer page.


Road maps

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