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President's Office

Campus stewardship: supporting student success, fostering communication and engagement, and promoting equitable and sustainable practices


college administration


At Los Medanos College – and within the Contra Costa Community College District – management/supervisory employees have a variety of major responsibilities, such as promoting educational leadership, formulating and recommending District policies and procedures, administering and evaluating District programs, and supervising and evaluating District employees.  Members of the LMC management team have responsibilities that include, but are not limited to: providing oversight for their respective programs and departments; working in support of the goals and objectives of the District; and administering and following the policies and procedures adopted by the Governing Board and the Chancellor’s Cabinet, as well as those outlined in the Education Code.


LMC Administrative Org Chart -- 2013-2014


LMC Succession of Responsibility List -- September 2013


LMC Management Team



Bob Kratochvil


(925) 439-2181, ext. 3200

Office: PRS-1



Vice President of Instruction & Student Services

Kevin Horan, Ed.D.


(925) 439-2181, ext. 3116

Office: CO-411 (CORE Bldg., 4th Floor)



Senior Dean of Planning & Institutional Effectiveness

Kiran Kamath


(925) 439-2181, ext. 3216

Office: L215 (Library, 2nd Floor)



Senior Dean of Student Services

Gail Newman


(925) 439-2181, ext. 3372

Office: CO-408 (CORE Bldg., 4th Floor)



Director of Business Services

Aderonke (Ronke) Olatunji


(925) 439-2181, ext. 3206

Office: CC3-372 (College Complex, 3rd Floor)



Senior Foundation Director

Ruth Goodin


(925) 439-2181, ext. 3203

Office: ADV-3



Dean of Math & Sciences

A’kilah Moore


(925) 439-2181, ext. 3132

Office: CO-403 (CORE Bldg., 4th Floor)



Dean of Liberal Arts

Nancy Ybarra


(925) 439-2181, ext. 3436

Office: CO-405 (CORE Bldg., 4th Floor)



Dean of Career Technical Education & Social Sciences

Natalie Hannum


(925) 439-2181, ext. 3285

Office: CO-404 (CORE Bldg., 4th Floor)



Director of Early Childhood Lab School

Kathryn Nielsen


(925) 439-2181, ext. 3167

Office: CS1-101 (Child Study Center, 1st Floor)



Office of Instruction Supervisor

Eileen Valenzuela


(925) 439-2181, ext. 3201

Office: CO-402 (CORE Bldg., 4th Floor)



Program Manager, Workforce Development Projects

Dave Wahl


(925) 439-2181, ext. 3214

Office: CO-400 (CORE Bldg., 4th Floor)



Dean of Counseling & Student Support

Jeffrey Benford


(925) 439-2181, ext. 3166

Office: CC2-267 (College Complex, 2nd Floor)



Interim Dean of Student Success

David Belman


(925) 439-2181, ext. 3205

Office: CC2-253 (College Complex, 2nd Floor)



Director of Admissions & Records

Robin Armour


(925) 439-2181, ext. 3250

Office: CC3-824 (College Complex, 3rd Floor)



Interim Financial Aid Supervisor

Krista Ducharme


(925) 439-2181, ext. 3290

Office: PS2-25 (Public Safety Bldg., 2nd Floor)



Academic/Student Services Manager -- Outreach

Jorge Cea


(925) 439-2181, ext. 3383

Office: CC3-817 (College Complex, 3rd Floor)



Interim Director of Student Life & Transfer Programs

Carla Rosas


(925) 439-2181 ext. 3989

Office: CC2-261 (College Complex, 2nd Floor)



Bookstore Manager

Bob Estrada


(925) 439-2181, ext. 3319

Office: CC3-810 (College Complex, 3rd Floor)



Director of Marketing & Media Design

Barbara Cella


(925) 439-2181, ext. 3242

Office: CO-417 (CORE Bldg., 4th Floor)



Technology Systems Manager

Mike Becker


(925) 439-2181, ext. 3113

Office: L206 (Library, 2nd Floor)



Buildings & Grounds Manager

Russ Holt


(925) 439-2181, ext. 3225

Office: CC1-133 (College Complex, 1st Floor)



Custodial Manager

Barry Edwards


(925) 439-2181, ext. 3112

Office: CC1-116 (College Complex, 1st Floor)

Police Services

Lt. Ryan Huddleston


(925) 439-2181, ext. 3122

Office: CC1-138 (College Complex, 1st Floor)